'Justice Watch' of Çorlu Train Accident Families Continues

corlu train accident continues justice nobet of families
corlu train accident continues justice nobet of families

📩 27/04/2019 13:09

In the train accident in which 8 people died and 2018 people died near Çorlu on July 25, 340, the Justice Watch, which was initiated by the relatives of those who lost their lives and injured, continues. The Justice Watch, which started in front of the Corlu Courthouse on Friday, April 19, is on its seventh day today.

The appeal against the Çorlu Train massacre on TCDD officials was rejected. Attorneys of the Istanbul Bar Association also attended the current vigil. Attorney Kemal Aytaç, a member of the Association for Social Rights, Contemporary Lawyers Association, Trakya Bar Association, Libertarian Democrat Group, and Justice Watch on the lawyers in front of Çağlayan Courthouse, supported the action.


Lawyer Kemal Aytaç said on the watch that justice would be needed one day. There was a proverb in the form of a finger-pangsing of justice, but this promise is now dead. Every finger hurts today and it hurts so much that in Istanbul lawyers are trying to explain the quest for justice towards society, not just within the courthouse. Today, the institutions that exist under the name of justice are injustice. It is a trap to go even further tır he said.


Yıldız İmrek, who spoke on behalf of the Liberal Democrat Lawyers, stated that they joined the watch in order to share the sufferings of the families and become partners in the demand for justice. Iz After that, we will be followers until both the trial process and all those responsible. If there is a democratic rule of law, the state itself must act in accordance with the law in all its actions and actions. This accident should not do anything to put the right of life of people, passengers, mechanic and personnel in the delivery of transportation services. The state is responsible for the prevention of this negligence and the prosecution of those responsible. This is not the first Pamukova, Ankara and many other accidents that we did not know were the reasons why? Rather than behaving in accordance with the scientific requirements of the public service regarding the fulfillment of all public services, it is a service concept that reveals them as an organization of rent and humiliation, and this is very clearly a political responsibility. These services, which are left to private capital instead of railways, are the responsibility of capital. We have to ask this account together. We will overcome these by fighting together our search for justice. These are not fate, not discretion, not an accident, but a murder and a murder.

Social Rights Association Chairman Melda Onur said in her speech: “Why are there families from Somalia, Aladag and Çorlulu? Because there is an economic rent scheme that leads to mass deaths and mass murders and there is a judicial order that launches it. Families who came together to fight against the judicial order that laundered this economic rent order formed a union. ” (Songül ŞENSOY -Universal)

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