Champion Wrestler Taha Akgül Visited TÜDEMSAŞ

champion guresci taha akgul tudemsasi visits
champion guresci taha akgul tudemsasi visits

National Wrestler Taha Akgül, the European Champion in the wrestling competition held in Bucharest, Romania, visited TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu at his office.

Mehmet Başoğlu, who hosted Taha Akgül, who became the European Champion for the 7th time by defeating his rivals with an overwhelming superiority in the European Wrestling Championship, presented a plaque to the champion wrestler. Later, TÜDEMSAŞ managers and champion wrestler Taha Akgül for a while sohbet did. Youth Services Sports Provincial Director Erdoğan Tunç and TÜDEMSAŞ managers were present at the visit.

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