Approval to Bursa Metropolitan's 2018 Annual Report

approval of the annual report
approval of the annual report

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas gathered under the chairmanship of the city, approved the annual report 2018 fiscal year.

Metropolitan Municipality Council discussed the agenda items in the second session of April. In the last part of the session, the 2018 fiscal year report of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was voted. Before voting, parties with groups in the parliament sözcüvoiced his views. The report was accepted 'by the majority of votes'.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his speech, 2018 2 650 for the year of the financial expenses of 2 million TL expense and 600 billion 2 million in the revenue budget is planned to reminded. Chairman Aktas, 122 billion 159 billion 81.62 billion dollars in the amount of 2 348 and 758 billion 88.63 million 1.47 thousand TL with the expense of the 16.11'den said that the consistency is achieved. Mayor Alinur Aktas, 0.71 of the revenues of the percentage of the tax, 71.38'in incomes and property revenues, 10.58'in percent of the donations and grants received, 8.03 of the other revenues, the 1.18'in said that the income from the capital incomes. President Aktaş, 36.57 personnel, 8.99's social security institution and state, 3.27 of goods and services, 39.34'in interest, 2.62 percent of the current transfers, XNUMX of the current transfers, XNUMX'ın percent of the capital, XNUMX percent 's share of capital transfer expenditures.

President Alinur Aktas, 2018 in the direction of the transformation and transformation projects in Bursa about 1 billion 783 million TL investment and service spending was carried out, he said. President Aktas stated that road construction, maintenance and repair services have received the highest share in investments with 318.3 million TL. Alım 178 million TL for light rail system purchases, 39 million TL for construction of city-terminal rail system, 1.5 million for construction of lower-overpass 26 million TL for traffic management, 12.5 million TL for vehicle and construction equipment purchases, 40.2 million TL for expropriation services, 62 million TL for urban transformation, environment and square services services, 14 million TL for service facilities construction, construction of sports fields and 45.2 million TL for youth sports services and 11.5 million for social facilities construction, ve he said.

Aktaş thanked all parliamentary members who expressed their opinions on the voting of the annual report and said eden The municipality is an institution that serves in every stage of life from birth to death. We are in all processes of human life. The more we build the balance here, the more accurately we make financial moves, the better we will manage the process. We've had the mayor before us, after us. This seat is not inherited from our father. Our intention is to realize the projects that will sign the fortune of Bursa's history. When the period is over, it is to be honored. I hope that we will discuss the activity reports where more services are discussed in the next process. İn

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