BozankayaMetro Vehicles Launched in Thailand

bozankaya produced subway vehicles started to service in thailand
bozankaya produced subway vehicles started to service in thailand

2016 establishes consortium partnership with Siemens Mobility Bozankayaannounced the first subway vehicle of the tender in 25 months later at its production facilities in Ankara.

Starting from June 2018, the trains arrived to Thailand after the 15.000 kilometers of sea voyage. After the tests on the line and the test drives with the passengers, the first 7 train 6 officially commenced on April 2019. Total 4 meters, each consisting of 88 wagons, can carry 1.572 passengers at one time.

These subway trains are important for many reasons:

They are being exported from Turkey, the first subway trains and this project is going more foreign exchange inflows from Turkey to 40 million.

This is also by far the largest exports to Thailand from Turkey.

Bozankaya To accomplish all this and more, Turkey's largest and most modern rail transport system to the production center has invested more than 50 million euros.

BozankayaIn parallel with this project, while producing a 105 subway wagon for a second customer in Bangkok, negotiations are continuing for a third subway project.


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