Arrival of Raybus to Batman-Diyarbakır Line Depends on Deputies

the arrival of the railroad in the batman diyarbakir line
the arrival of the railroad in the batman diyarbakir line

Citizens, every day around 15 thousand people traveling on the railway in the Batman-Diyarbakir Railway network, rail transportation vehicle wants to be converted to RAILBUS.

In the event that one of the deputies from Batman and Diyarbakır discusses this request with the General Directorate of TCDD, the future of RAYBÜS was told. Citizens addressed the deputies on this issue.

People in the Batman-Diyarbakir Road to reduce the number of vehicles and air pollution, citizens will save the cost of travel, safe, fast and cheap travel facilities will provide the transportation of the politicians of the two provinces to initiate the necessary initiatives to initiate. People, Zonguldak-Karabuk, Çatal-Tire, Kars-Akyaka, Malatya-Elazig active between the provinces of the transportation of the railroad, wants to be implemented on the Batman-Diyarbakir Railway.


The 90 mileage train line between Batman and Diyarbakir is already active. The train line used in passenger transportation is also suitable for rail system. The rail system to be installed at a low cost will also contribute to the state economy. Officers, students and patients who have to travel between Batman and Diyarbakir will be able to exceed the 90 mileage per minute in 40 by rail. Vehicle traffic, accidents and air pollution will also decrease. Even if there are 1 trips a day, at least 250 will be able to carry a thousand passengers together with the passengers on foot.


Citizen, tarafından 20 used in Eskişehir year ago, the rail system, is demanded by the people of Batman-Diyarbakir. Citizens who wanted politicians and bureaucrats to take the necessary initiatives, said; Iyor Regional train, commuting and commuting times 2. Kurtalan Express also goes 5 days per week except Mondays and Wednesdays. Although there was no need between Malatya and Elazığ, RAYBÜS was brought. Between Batman and Diyarbakir, many citizens come and go. Each time 350-400 is traveling. If RAYBUS comes, both the time will be saved and the number of people traveling will increase. In order for RAYBÜS to be opened for use between Batman and Diyarbakır, only one member of parliament from both provinces should apply to the General Directorate of TCDD. Because if the lawmakers come in here, the problem will be solved quickly. Even in a solution that is so simple, we want the deputies elected as the people's deputy to step in. Bu


Citizens made the following demands: “As the train passes through Batman and Bismil, the passenger potential is high. 750 people come and go a day. If RAYBUS comes, the time will be shortened and there will be 3 times a day. If RAYBUS comes, both comfort and comfort travel will take place. It will be good as it will also save time. On special occasions, such as neuroses, old trains experience congestion due to the low number of flights and passenger capacity. In RAYBÜS, these congestions are also prevented because both the speed is fast and the passenger capacity is high. The arrival of RAYBUS will provide a great benefit for our region both economically, socially and culturally. " (Seyfettin Eken - Güneydoğugüncel)



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