If The Railway To Aydın Arrives In The Airport

aydina railway arrives at the airport
aydina railway arrives at the airport

Aydın ASTİM Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) President Gökhan Maraş has stated that the priority of Aydın in the transportation projects is 'Aydın-İzmir'. Line Railway Project 'should be said.

Çıldır Airport, which has been expected to be opened to civilian passenger and cargo transportation for many years in Aydın, has been on the agenda again upon the opening of the air transport service of Bursa Yenişehir Airport recently. Regarding the subject in the evaluation of the ASTEK OSB President Maras, Bursa Yenişehir Airport for the first time in years after the first time cargo transportation is recalled, Aydin, first of all the two-speed high-speed train is brought later to the Çıldır Airport to be opened to the cargo transport also noted that developments can occur. .

Aydin ASTIM OSB President Maras, taking into consideration the contributions to the development of Aydın in the first place in the opening of freight and cargo transportation Çıldır Airport 'between Aydın-İzmir Between II. He said that all the provinces should be more demanding and persistent in order for the Railway Project to be implemented as soon as possible. Within the scope of the current project, the two-way high-speed train from Selcuk Maras said, “From Selçuk to Aydın, we think it would be easier for the two-speed high-speed train to arrive. Thus, the use of double-track high-speed train for public transport is also widespread in Aydın. Today, the 150-200 vehicle, including the average buses, is moving to Izmir to get a plane from Adnan Menderes Airport. In this sense, the high-speed train to Aydın will also direct people to railway transportation rather than highway c.

Although there are high-speed trains or high-speed trains in Aydın, Adnan Menderes Airport can be reached in an average of 30 minutes. UM Again, the wear of vehicles going there will be prevented. There are already iron lines going to Izmir Port. When the double line is launched, it will be easier for industrialists to send containers from there. Our industrialists will send their cargo to Izmir at a more affordable cost and transport and truck traffic will be reduced. Again, the investors will be attracted to the OIZs in Aydın. Today the highway has already entered service, we have a highway. The journey of a person from Aydın to the airport in Izmir takes 50 minutes on average. Essentially, Aydın must now break its shell and become more attractive. We think that even from Manisa, we are actually ahead of us in terms of transportation. Biz

Ağ Çıldır Airport should be opened to freight, cargo and passenger transportation, but it has a serious investment cost. The most important work to be done in terms of transportation in relation to the development of Aydın is primarily the implementation of the double-track high-speed train. Besides, when the city is already growing, the airport naturally comes to Aydın. Our population is already based on 1 million 100 thousand. As Aydin starts to develop more and more in the future, his state will have to do it spontaneously. At present, we need to tighten our demands for the rail, which our government can make more quickly and with less cost. In this direction, our demand is to provide a solution for bringing the high speed train from Selçuk to Aydın. At present, there is a great deal of cost to open Çıldır Airport for cargo and passenger transportation. There are some details that require serious costs and procedures, such as enlarging the track, opening to aviation. At the moment, if we can make the railroad, we will unintentionally develop airport developments. Şu

Maraş, who reminded that Yenişehir Airport in Bursa started to transport cargo for the first time in years, said: İstanbul Oysa Bursa is very close to Istanbul, so the demand and potential came to such a point that cargo transportation is needed. I think it might be that way for Aydın. All the powers in Aydın should be more demanding on the high-speed train. The fastest response in terms of our transportation is the double-line speed train. Because Selcuk'a has come up. I do not think it is a drawback to benefit Aydın from this. Aydın (Murat Tan - Aydınhedef)

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