Eurasia Tunnel Provides 23 Million Hour Saving Time in a Year

Eurasian tunnels save a million hours in a year
Eurasian tunnels save a million hours in a year

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, "the Eurasia Tunnel 23 million hours a year's time zone, time saving, 30 thousand tons of fuel savings, we provide 18 thousand tons reduction in carbon dioxide emissions," he said

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, yılda Despite the high increase in traffic, the number of deaths at the crash site in the last 10 year decreased by 69. Although achieving reduction is a success, it is certainly not something we can achieve. Az

Minister Turhan, General Directorate of Highways ayol 69. In his speech at the inauguration of the Regional Managers' Meeting of Highways, he said that these meetings, which are held every year, are a ında tradition of highway konuş where the roadmap of the institution is determined.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "The road is civilization," he opened the way to the homeland and the nation, wrote to take winter service Turhan said that they set themselves the goal of Turkey's international political, can improve their competitiveness using the benefits from the economic and socio-cultural aspects and the country can contribute to the globalization process stressed that appropriate strategies should be created.

Turhan pointed out that the boundaries between the distant and the near, and that the global interaction has increased more and more, and that transportation has gained more importance. Aç We have opened up the path of civilization, integrated with the world, enabling us to have a voice in transportation and access, General Directorate of Highways. Ğ he said.

Turhan pointed out that a great deal of work was carried out with the transportation initiated in 2003 and gave the following information:

"By the way, we reach the 16 20 thousand kilometers during the year 541 26 thousand kilometers of divided highway network and our 642 77 we provide the interconnection of our city. 2018 only 185 km 625 kilometer divided highway, we have made the road. Nearly all of our cities are connected by divided roads. We've turned the 39 of our road network into a divided road, almost all of our main axes. Accordingly, our cruise speed has increased to 2, travel time has been reduced by half. 81 is now on the divided roads. In this way, in addition to 17 billion 771 million pounds of annual fuel-time savings, we have achieved a yearly reduction of 3 million tons of 294 million in emissions. X

'37 of the roads was BSK yüzde

Emphasizing that they have improved the physical standard of roads within the scope of improvement works for traffic safety and comfortable travel, Turhan stated that the 37 bin 25 kilometers, which corresponds to the 215 of the roads, is BSK.

Turhan, 90 of the east-west corridors to provide connections with border gates, harbors, railways and airports, and the north-south corridors of the 86 part of the completion of the said, they started the motorway within the framework of the motorway length 2 thousand 842 kilometers said they had taken out.

Turhan explained that the achievements in the projects they implemented with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) method gave confidence to the investors in the following projects and increased the demand.

Turhan, "Eurasia Tunnel opened 2 years ago, thanks to a one-year time frame 23 million hours in time savings, 30 thousand tons of fuel savings, we also provide CO2 18 thousand tons reduction in emissions." He said.

in projects for sustainable development, emphasizing that they also show sensitivity to the protection of nature Turhan, 12 years 16 62 million reported they replant million, including last year.

Yaygın We are expanding intelligent transportation systems “

Turhan, the basic requirement of all plans and projects that demonstrate environmental sensitivity in attention, "the fact that we live in the age of information and technology-oriented to take advantage of the information technology aspects of our work we attach great importance to the movement. For this reason, we are expanding intelligent transportation systems. We are also starting to work on the establishment of image-based highway information system management. I

As a result of the work carried out on the road despite the increase of 2,5 floor traffic accidents in the Tur 100 million vehicle hit per kilometer casualty N from the 5,72 to 1,79'e Turhan, giving information, kaz Despite the high increase in traffic in the last 10 year of the number of deaths occurring at the crash site 69 has been reduced, but achieving reductions is a success, but certainly not something we can do. Da

Turhan, public-private partnership with the management of motorways speeding up, the completion of north-south corridors, road safety and comfort for the dissemination of BSK, increased audits, reduction of fatal accidents, dangerous goods transportation in the international norms of the main objectives of the transportation, he added.

Stating that the economy of the country will continue to work with dedication and seriousness in order to realize the necessary infrastructure, Turhan said that the main theme of all transportation projects since 2003 is the integrated transportation systems.

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