Ordu Intercity Bus Terminal Will Build Its Own Electricity

army intercity bus terminal will produce its own electricity
army intercity bus terminal will produce its own electricity

Kadir Colak, Chairman of Komtel Electronic and Technical Services Company, which set up solar panels in the new intercity bus terminal which will produce its own electricity in Ordu, said the system is the center of attention of other local authorities in the Black Sea.

Kadir Çolak, Chairman of Komtel Electronics and Technical Services Company, stated that the application is the first in the region on the basis of local administrations, ifade Some special applications other than this system exist in special structures. But their size is not on this scale. Therefore, this application is not only for the Army but also for the Black Sea region. That's why it attracts attention. Many local governments in the region come to the area and conduct research. He follows the project closely. It seems that many local administrations in the region will implement similar buildings on their roofs or appropriate places. There are 325 kilowatt hours of electricity produced by solar panels installed on the roof. This is a structure that will meet the electricity needs of the structure here. However, if the municipality wants to use it here, it can generate income by selling it without using it. I know that the decision has not yet been made. Here we have 4 solar panel in a thousand square meters area of ​​1200. These panels are made of Turkish goods and the cells inside come from abroad. Bu


I There are solar panels inside the system, Kom said Çolak, Chairman of Komtel Electronics and Technical Services Company, which transfers the latest technology to the roof application. Ds energy is produced at the exit of these. The energy produced depends on the efficiency of the sun. Hitting the panels at a right angle or horizontal angle affects the efficiency. The sun is so bad in the Black Sea, but it is not. Although the sun is not much better than the Black Sea in Germany, there are too many solar energy applications. They see their needs seriously here. Therefore, the Black Sea should not be underestimated. The Sun is better in the Black Sea than in Germany. 300 day in the Black Sea is the sun. Therefore, the number of such investments will increase in the future. If the state paves the way for it, there will be more investment. According to me, the state needs to open up such investments. Bana


Çolak stated that the system has a life of 25 year. Ol The system pays for itself on average 5 annually. He comes after him. I know that a municipality with a population of 50 thousand is even an average 400-500 thousand pounds of electricity. This is a figure paid each month. When municipalities establish such a system, they can transfer it to other sources, such as investment, instead of paying it. At the moment, the smallest HEPP 1 is in the power of the megawatt. Under this is not allowed to be installed. Initially, it was allowed to establish 500 kilowatt-hour hydroelectric power plants. But then it was abandoned. So here, about one third of HEPP is generated. Of course, one third of the smallest HEPP. In


Noting that the system does not harm the environment in any way, Çolak said: ol I wish the system would be beneficial to the Army. I hope that both private entrepreneurs and local governments pay more attention to this issue and make more investments in this area. This is important for Turkey's future. Wind power plants are also important. It is also useful to put it where appropriate. Because a fan called RES can obtain electricity from a HEPP. In other words, 1 megawatt electricity can be obtained. Even in the seas abroad, winds up. These are all natural energy sources. Electricity can not be produced without water in HEPP. But even if there is no sun, the sunlight gives a certain amount of electricity. The volunteer wants them to increase. Gön


The construction of the new bus station is planned to open in July. The construction of the ongoing solar panels will be completed within a month. The system will be able to start producing electricity without waiting for the new bus terminal to open. (Yasin Çanakçı- Orduolay)

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