New Suburban Line Between Arifiye-Izmit-Pendik

arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line
arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line

In the 2012, due to the High Speed ​​Train operation, the flights were stopped and after the 3 year after the 2015, a new line was added to the suburban train line between Adapazarı Arifiye-İzmit-Pendik.

Work on the second line continues in the 42 Evler area of ​​Izmit. Platform and electrical signaling works are continuing in the area where the rails are laid.

It was once the most important means of transportation for the commuter trains. He stopped at many stops between Haydarpaşa and Sakarya and carried thousands of passengers to where they wanted to go. These highly economical flights were suspended for three years after the launch of the High Speed ​​Train project in 2012. In 2015 commuter flights were resumed. Due to the lack of train line the freight and commuter train expeditions were made on the Fast Train line.

After the High Speed ​​Train Line was put into service, the train line at the Izmit pass was three. While YHT takes place on two lines, round trip, a third line was opened in 2015 for cargo and suburban trains in the southern part of the existing line. With the opening of the line, suburban train services between Arifiye-Izmit and Pendik were made 4 times a day, 4 departures and 8 arrivals. TCDD added the 4th line to the existing lines. The superstructure work of the train line for the use of freight and commuter trains continues. In the Izmit 42 Evler region, new electrical and signalization lines called "platform and catenary" are being built for the line.

TCDD Izmit Garage Office officials, who gave information to our newspaper about the works, stated that the new line will be opened recently. Alar The new line was brought to the final stage in the Izmit region. We are building a new platform in the 42 Evler area. We're sewing the electric and signaling poles we call the catenary. Similar studies in the Gebze-Körfez district were brought to the last stage regarding the new line. When the new line is completed, the number of flights between Adapazari Arifiye-Izmit and Pendik will be 8 on the day with 5.

TCDD General Directorate of Adapazari Arifiye-Izmit and Pendik between the suburban train will use the new line on the Izmit 42 Evler in the region was destroyed in the old station. New station, platform.

arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line
arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line

After the High Speed ​​Train Line was built, a second line was built for the freight and commuter train line, which was reduced due to the shortage of lines. The number of lines was increased to 4 and the number of daily flights to 10 (Cemalettin ÖZTÜRK -the özgürkocael)

arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line
arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line

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