Airport Moved, What Happened to the Workers? Explanation from TAV and İGA

airport was moved to the fate of the workers what happened in the east and is expected to explain
airport was moved to the fate of the workers what happened in the east and is expected to explain

TAV, which operates the Ataturk Airport, announced that the 3 worker was dismissed due to the move to 4500.

On the other hand, the company's chief executive officer 3.Airport operator made an agreement with IGA and stated that a part of the employees were transferred to IGA under this agreement.

In November of last year We're on the bosses The network announced that TAV was preparing to lay off nearly a thousand 5 workers at the Atatürk Airport during the relocation process. TAV Corporate Communications Directorate, accusing the notice of e-mails sent to soL News Portal, informing the preparation of the layoffs announced by the Bosses Network, accused the Bosses Network of damaging the company's reputation.

However, TAV's latest announcement to KAP confirms the accuracy of the PE Network's public announcement in November.

With regard to these developments, the PE Network has issued a statement on questions regarding the fate of TAV employees.

IGA, who will operate TAV and the 3. Airport after the move, was asked to answer the following questions regarding the fate of the workers:

1- TAV made a statement to KAP on 8 April 2019 that 3 has been terminated due to the relocation of the 4500 worker. What exactly does the figure mean? How many workers have been laid off by TAV?

2- What is the last situation about all rights and claims of dismissed workers?

3- The workers do not know the contents of the iki agreement dı, which is said to have been made between the two companies for the workers transferred from TAV to IGA. What is the content of this agreement? Why is it not explained to the workers?

Are workers' opinions taken for the conditions in the transition to 4 - IGA? Have all workers made the request? Or is it that only TAV and IGA approved workers have started to work at the 3. Airport?

5- Is there a worker whose request has been rejected, even though he has requested a transition to IGA? If so, on what grounds did you refuse?

6- Have you proposed any other work that cannot be passed on to IGA?

7- Are the wages and other rights taken by the employees who were transferred to IGA while working at Atatürk Airport? Are there any workers with lower wages? Is there any restriction on these rights for other workers, such as way, food, holidays, holidays, premiums?

8- Have any changes in the job descriptions of workers passing from TAV to IGA? Are there any workers who have to do other than the work they did before?

Have you worked for the solution of transportation and housing problems of TAV workers who started to work at the 9-3. Airport? Do you have any suggestions other than taşın move to places close to the airport Çalışan?

10- It is known that all of the profit share arising from TAV's contract until 2021 will be covered by DHMİ. How much will be paid by DHMI, which is publicly funded for TAV?

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