ABB introduces innovative solar solutions to its visitors at Solarex 2019

abb solarex introduces innovative solar solutions to its visitors
abb solarex introduces innovative solar solutions to its visitors

ABB exhibited smart inverter solutions suitable for industrial and domestic installations with large powerful inverter stations at the 05th International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair held in Istanbul on April 07-2018, 11.

At the booth B10-C01 in ABB, 02.Hol, PVS2-800B with 57MW introduced central inverter and container stations, UNO-DM-PLUS, REACT, PVS 100 / 120 inverters, low voltage switchgear and service-training services.

2MW power pack package solution created by ABB's 800MW new PVS57-4B inverter was introduced to solar investors

With the launch of the high power central inverter PVS800-800B, a new member of the highly successful PVS57 central inverter series, ABB continues to expand its extensive solar inverter portfolio.

ABB launched the high power PVS800-57B, developed with many years of experience in power inverters technology, as a new member of the family. The new PVS800-57B central inverters contribute to reducing the investment costs of photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants with its compact and easy-to-maintain design with power ratings up to 2 MW. Modular and expandable direct current (DC) input design provides system integrators with superior ease of use. With more power generation than previous PVS800 models, the new PVS800-57B offers the most compact inverter solution on the market in terms of space requirements. This feature reduces the need for both installation and cabin space, reducing shipping costs.

Also 2 Total PVS800-57B 4MW center of power produced in Turkey resulting from the inverter and packet transport container solutions to users, providing great convenience in installation and operation. The container package, which can be designed in different strengths and offers a complete solution together with the internal transformer and switchboard, guarantees solar investments with its long operating life.

ABB cuts operating and capital costs with new PVS100 / 120 inverter

ABB is expanding its portfolio of solar inverters with PVS-100 / 120, 100kW and 120kW solutions. The PVS-100 / 120 series, the cloud-connected, three-phase array inverter solution developed by ABB for photovoltaic systems created with series inverters, meets a great need in this field. With the PVS-100 / 120 product, ABB aims to maximize the return on investment and reduce the costs of CAPITAL and OPERATION. Ideal for both large-scale commercial and industrial floor and roof applications, the PVS-100 / 120 is a compact and flexible design that allows you to install a fully-equipped plant with proactive plant management and ease of installation.

ABB's Smart, Cloud Compatible and Efficient single-phase inverter solutions for solar power in homes

Designed for use in residential small-scale solar energy systems, UNO-DM-PLUS series solar inverters meet customer expectations for residential roof solar systems with integrated wireless communication and easy installation (plug-and-play) features, while REACT inverters have increased power consumption with increased autonomy and helps to capture self-efficacy rates. In both inverter series, the Load Manager and Zero-injection features can be adjusted to minimize the interaction with the network (eg, no power to the grid). Thanks to these superior intelligent features, it is possible to create self-contained systems without creating any load on the network and to facilitate operation to network operators.

F200 series type B residual current protection switches provide protection against leakage currents in photovoltaic (PV) plants and increase service continuity

Suitable for use with solar inverters, F200 series type B residual current switches provide full protection against leakage currents and prevent unwanted tripping. Type B residual current protection switches provide protection against leakage currents with DC residual and / or high frequency waveforms, with AC leakage currents specified in IEC / EN 62423. The service continuity in photovoltaic systems is increased by the type B residual current switches which are resistant to the openings caused by the parasites.

Facility management with ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distrubition Control System

ABB AbilityTM EDCS is an innovative cloud-based platform where circuit breakers can be connected, providing monitoring, optimization and control in electrical distribution systems. Energy management is carried out with a much simpler architecture and the facility can be optimized up to% 30.

The team UP digital unit is the easiest way to digitize existing facilities

With the team UP, the existing low-voltage systems are updated in the easiest and most economical way, in the field of monitoring, control and protection, and are transformed into new generation facilities, giving users the opportunity to capture the advantages of the digital revolution.



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