Why Kartepe Teleferik Project is Stopped

Why was Kartepe cable car project stopped
Why was Kartepe cable car project stopped

Former Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez explained why the works were stopped after the foundation of the cable car project in 10 December 2018. Sadulmez, leri Ropeway Line Project with build-operate-transfer model Valter Lifts firm. It is one of the best companies in the world about ropeway lines. The company launched an external loan study. However, due to economic reasons, he could not start because he could not get this credit Ancak.

Saying that the cable car line project is an 50 annual dream of the city, Hüseyin Üzülmez said that he realized this dream during the period of mayor.

Mr. Üzülmez said, ı I devoted the 3,5 year of my municipality to the realization of this project. Too many challenges, overcoming obstacles. In the end we realized the project. Valter one of the world's best companies in this sector for the realization of the project, we shook hands with Elevator representatives of Turkey. Only the construction of the cable car project was holding 12 million euros. There were also hotel and other social facilities in it. The company would do it. The total cost was 100 million TL. We laid the foundation of the project at 10 December 2108. However, due to the economic crisis, the company could not get external loans and could not start the project. Ancak

Saying that the company promised to finish the project by February 2020 and that they have signed a contract, Üzülmez said, sözleşme There is no such thing as terminating the contract since the company did not start the business after the ground-breaking ceremony. 5 million collateral was invested. The legal period continues. We have to wait until the legal time. If the work has not started at the end of the legal period, the one-sided contract is terminated and the firm loses the security it has deposited. Yasal

When they start the project A and B plan prepared to say sorry, A plan to be passed to plan B can be passed, he said. He will not worry, plan Plan A with the build-operate-transfer model of the firm that does the job and does not run the business plan B will be taken. Plan B brings the ropeway project to the municipality and the contractor firm completes the project and delivers it to the municipality. Our plan for the B plan was as much as our 80. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism allocated a budget of 10 million TL for the B plan in two stages. Money is kept in blocked account in the Ministry of Culture. If the municipality takes the project to tender, the block will be blocked and the money allocated as a resource will be sent for the project. Belediye

Mr. Üzülmez stated that it is important that the new president Mustafa Kocaman will continue the project and said sürdür Plan A of the project is still going on. If the company finds money in the legal period and starts work, there will be no problem and the project will be finished. If plan A is canceled, the start of plan B depends on the new president Mustafa Bey. Mustafa Bey, my priority is not the ropeway, but other projects, ropeway project will remain as a dream again. However, I think the new chairman will continue the ropeway project. Mustafa Bey was our district president and he was following all the stages. Biz (the özgürkocael)

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