What is the latest in the Channel Istanbul Project?

What is the last situation in the channel istanbul project
What is the last situation in the channel istanbul project

Turkey's largest projects among the closely followed by Channel Istanbul project what the latest situation. Ekrem İmamoğlu, who led the election results in Istanbul, repeatedly announced his opposition to the Kanal Istanbul project.

While the works for Kanal Istanbul project, which will be made and when it will be done, continue with full speed, it is emphasized that all EIA and survey works of the project are completed and if the bidder does not take a consortium, the government has its own resources and decisions to make this project.

If the project is against Ekrem Imamoglu will be done?

While the project is planned to be done due to the fact that the state is a project, the decision to be given by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality rather than Ekrem İmamoğlu's decision alone is of importance.

However, Erkem İmamoğlu stated in his previous statements that he would not approve this project and he found it extremely unnecessary.

When Will Istanbul Channel Be Tender?

While the implementation of the project became more difficult due to the contraction in the Turkish economy, there was increased speculation about the issue of m Kanal Istanbul project was canceled Türk.

Today, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, who is participating in a live broadcast of a private channel, has not repeated such a situation and reiterated that the Channel Istanbul project will be done.

Minister Turhan with his description (Kanal Istanbul) at the 2025'da this service will be provided to our country, from here to the sea vessels begin to pass, bu announced the project will be completed with the year 2025.

How Much Will Channel Istanbul Cost?

studies about Turkey's largest projects closely with the Kanal İstanbul project with great interest as everyone continues with full speed.

While the EIA report and the necessary studies were finalized prior to the groundbreaking ceremony, Transport Minister Cahit Turhan responded to the very curious cost questions and announced that the cost of the project was around 15 billion dollars.

Binali Yildirim, while he was in the prime minister's office, responded to the questions of the Kanal Istanbul cost around 10 billion dollars. If the project is completed with the cost of 15 billion dollars will be paid 82.5 billion pounds by the current exchange rate. (emlakxnumx)

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