Minister Turhan: Announced the Details of the Moving Process to Istanbul Airport

turhan ataturk about the move of the airport said
turhan ataturk about the move of the airport said

📩 16/10/2021 06:51

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that the process of moving from Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport will start at 5 on April 03.00 and will be completed on April 45, 6 after 23.59 hours. said.

Minister Turhan spoke about the importance of the aviation industry at a press conference on the move of aviation operations from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport.

Turkey in recent years, particularly in voicing Turhan is the world's fastest growing country in the field of aviation, stressed that the Turkish civil aviation sector has become one of the world's most respected airlines.

Turhan last 10 years, the international air transport industry in Turkey, noting that 3,5 times compared to the world average growth, the largest share of the growth experienced by the country in the aviation industry said that Istanbul.

Turhan stated that approximately 300 planes land and take off at Atatürk Airport every day and that 465 thousand planes were hosted last year.

Turhan stated that Atatürk Airport is not in a position to carry the developing aviation burden, and that it will not be enough to evaluate the growing aviation only as the number of passengers, and said the increased cargo transportation.

Expressing that Istanbul is at the center of the Europe-Asia-Africa-Middle East corridor, whose market share in transfer passengers reaches 66 percent, Turhan said, “We determined this potential well in advance and gathered a new ball to create an additional service capacity of Istanbul. We have demonstrated that we need to reach the airport-paper-process-transfer (hub) airport and we built the Istanbul Airport. ” he spoke.

Turhan, "With the increasing capacity of the Istanbul Airport for more airline flights will be able to a few years in Turkey and Istanbul Airport will be carrying the most passengers and cargo airport in Europe." used expressions.

Stating that Istanbul Airport will rise to the second place in the world in terms of the number of passengers to be served within 5 years, Turhan underlined that he will sit in the leadership seat when all phases are completed.

Road connections to the airport

Turhan stated that they have started the construction of transportation infrastructures simultaneously with the construction of Istanbul Airport and stated that they aim to prevent Istanbulites from having a problem in transportation to the airport.

Talking about the connection roads to the airport in this direction, Turhan explained that it is possible to reach the airport from the districts of Bakırköy, Bağcılar, Esenler, Sultangazi, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy and the surrounding settlements via the Hasdal Kemerburgaz Göktürk Işıklar road, the Northern Marmara Motorway's Istanbul Northern Ring Road and Mahmutbey Odayeri Connection Road. .

Turhan, in the direction of Büyükçekmece-Çatalca and also made it possible to reach the airport reported.

Talking about metro transportation, Turhan said, “The metro works between Gayrettepe and Istanbul Airport are continuing rapidly for the transportation of our people by metro. Our aim is to provide this line to service in the beginning of 2020, and we will provide a more comfortable transportation to Istanbul's airport. also HalkalıWe are also establishing the rail system infrastructure between Istanbul Airport. We plan to put this line into service in the next year. ” said.

In order to provide easy access to the airport by passengers, the Istanbul-based Havaist and 20 convey different types of public transportation by 150 bus.

Turhan stated that IETT will organize a ring shuttle between Atatürk Airport and Istanbul Airport in 6 minutes starting from April 15 for 15 days.

Ways to close during the moving process

Turhan touched upon the move of the airport and gave the following information:

“The planned relocation process will start at 5:03.00 am on April 6, and will be completed at 23.59 on the night of April 45. The moving process will take a total of 5 hours. The direction of Atatürk Airport and Mahmutbey Batı Junction will be closed to traffic on April 22.00 at 6 to 23.59 April at 26 for 5 hours. Mahmutbey Batı Junction and Istanbul Airport will be closed to traffic for 22.00 hours from April 6 to April 10.00 at 12. It will be closed to traffic from 6:01.00 am to 6:10.00 am on April 9 at 5 am to 22.00 am on the direction of the North Marmara Motorway and Basın Ekspress road between Istanbul Airport and Atatürk Airport, Mahmutbey west junction and Yeşilköy poolside junction. Yavuz Sultan Selim and the Northern Marmara Motorway will be closed to traffic in the direction of Reşadiye Interchange and Yassıören Interchange between 6 and 10.00 April, between 12 am and XNUMX am.

Addressing those who will use those roads at the time, Turhan said, “We strongly request that drivers who will use these roads use alternative road routes. We present our thanks to the Istanbulites for their understanding and cooperation. ” said.

Stating that there will be a 12-hour process at the same time when the flights are completely interrupted at the two airports, Turhan said, “The last flight will be made at Atatürk Airport on April 6 at 02.00. On April 6, 14.00, flights will gradually increase at Istanbul Airport. Atatürk Airport will be used for public garden, fairground, training area and general aviation flights from now on. ” he spoke.

“It is important for Istanbulites to follow which roads to close”

Minister Turhan, the transport process for the AKOM, Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Airport, the crisis center has been created at three different points, stating that the crisis centers, all the elements of the move will be available during the 45 hour, representatives said.

Turhan said, “It is very important for our Istanbul nurses to follow the roads closed to traffic and to obey the traffic signs and markers in this great moving process.” said.

Turhan noted that they sincerely want Istanbul residents to show patience and support during the relocation process to be put into service at full capacity for Istanbul Airport. (UAB)

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