Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project Current Status

The latest situation in ankara sivas high-speed train project
The latest situation in ankara sivas high-speed train project

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Enver İskurt and General Director of TCDD Ali İhsan Uygun made investigations in Ankara-Sivas YHT Line which is under construction.

Inspection about the progress of the project in the construction site located in Elmadağ, Iskurt and Uygun, Kayas-Yerkoy section of the viaducts of the important parts of the building was completed, the contractor received information from the company officials.

Requires special design and construction technique, one at a time 90 m. The viaducts, which are manufactured by passing the openness and applied to the Movable Mold System (CNS) in its construction, are the first in the world and in our country.

The 393 kilometer of the Ankara-Sivas YHT project, which is carried out in the most arid geography of Anatolia, consists of 66 tunnels and the 49 kilometer is the 28 kilometer.

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  1. I think it can be opened earlier in the way of Istanbul. The old line up to Kırıkkale can be at high speed after low speed.


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