THY's Biggest Alternative Was High Speed ​​Train!

The biggest alternative to thynin was the fast train
The biggest alternative to thynin was the fast train

Just before Ataturk Airport was moved HalkalıThe launch of the High Speed ​​Train line, which has reached to Ankara, has been an attractive option especially for the citizens traveling to Ankara and Konya.

Halkalı-Gebze train line with the opening of the YHT flights to the European side and the transportation of the Ataturk Airport, reflected in the transportation preferences of Istanbulites. At least three hours before the flight, the need to be at Istanbul Airport, the distance to the city center and taxi-highway transportation, such as urban transportation expenses, especially towards Ankara and Konya in the direction of YHT directed. YHT flights on this line run close to full capacity in the last two weeks.


Passengers wanting to reach Istanbul Airport pay 18 TL if they use the shuttle buses. In case of multiple trips from the same family, the bill is getting worse. If the taxi is preferred, even from Arnavutköy, which is the closest district, 52 TL transportation and highway fee invoice is issued. This figure can be as high as 270 TL in remote districts. Before reaching the airport, there are almost local expenses close to the airfare. In addition to the fare, the city journey to the airport takes an average of 1 hours. For security scans, chek-ins and baggage operations, 3 hours are required to arrive at the airport.


Before moving to Istanbul Airport Halkalı The high-speed train, commissioned on line, was an attractive option for the citizen. There are eight times a day between Istanbul and Ankara. Two of them HalkalıIt goes back to. Ankara-Halkalı 5 hours take 10 minutes. There are three flights between Konya and Istanbul. One of these HalkalıCompleting.

konya-Halkalı The distance between 5 and 25 is taken per minute. These times are close to the time when the ones who prefer airplane are almost lost in Istanbul N Moreover, YHT tickets for 95 TL for Konya, 80 TL for Ankara neredeyse are far below the flight tickets. In addition, some groups (safety, press, students, elderly, etc.) are discounted. Officials say the intensity will increase in the summer months, so the travel plans should be made in advance and the tickets will be taken several days in advance so that the citizens will not have trouble finding places. haberxnumx)

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