Romania 40 Piece Electric Locomotive Array Set

romania pieces electric locomotive array set will take
romania pieces electric locomotive array set will take

The estimated total cost, 40 billion RON for the first 1,7 electric unit (358,8 million euros) and 30 for the 80 year-round maintenance was published by the Romanian Railways, which is the tender price of 4,55 billion RON (960 million euros) for the total 3 train. Bids can be submitted by 2019 June 5 date and will be evaluated until 2019 August 220 date. Duration 40 will be purchased in the 40 new electric unit in the first stage to be used in month tender, suburban and regional routes. First order, we have the option for other XNUMX electric unit.

Financial offer will take 80%, technical offer will take 20% share. For the technical proposal, the bidder, who provides a higher carrying capacity, on the condition that the other safety and comfort norms envisaged in the tender book as well as the bid / seating ratio are preserved, will be allocated a maximum of 10%.

The first 40 power plant will operate in Bucharest Central Station-Ploiesti Sud-Ploiesti Vest, Dej-Cluj-Baciu switchyard, Arad-Timisoara-Lugoj, Pascani-Iasi-Nicolina-Socola, Constanta-Fetesti and Bucharest-Branesti-Fundulea lines.

The second party of the 40 electric unit will be operational in Brasov-Sfantu Gheorghe, Bacau-Roma, Bucharest Central Station-Rosiori Nord, Cluj-Campia Turzii-Alba Iulia, Galati-Braila-Lacul Sarat, Suceava-Pascani and Buzau-Ploiesti Sud routes.

Therefore, for every 200 seats above the minimum value stipulated in the tender book of 10 seats, 2% will be given up to 250% for 10 seats. A higher number of seats with more than 250 will not be added to the score.

The offer, which includes a train unit approved by the European Rail Agency (ERA) and commenced operation on the European network, will be given an amount of% 3. The new units will run at maximum 160 km / h. Any bidder manufacturer who has submitted a bid must prove to offer at least one 40 similar product in the last three years and that it provides at least 114,28 million RON VAT (VAT excluded (24 million EUR) maintenance to electrical units) free of charge.

The same package includes service provision for the first 40 electric unit, maintenance services, personnel training for the operation of trains and software applications.

Project finance is provided through the Operational Program Large Infrastructure - POIM and co-financing is provided from the state budget.

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