Eurasia Tunnel Provides 23 Million Hour Saving Time in a Year

Eurasian tunnels save a million hours in a year
Eurasian tunnels save a million hours in a year

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, "the Eurasia Tunnel 23 million hours a year's time zone, time saving, 30 thousand tons of fuel savings, we provide 18 thousand tons reduction in carbon dioxide emissions," he said

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said, “Despite the high increase in traffic, the number of deaths at the accident site has decreased by 10 percent in the last 69 years. Although achieving a decrease is a success, it is definitely not something we can afford. ” said.

Minister Turhan, at the General Directorate of Highways “69. In his speech at the opening of the Regional Directorate of Highways Meeting, he said that these annual meetings are a "roadway tradition" in which the road map of the institution is determined.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "The road is civilization," he opened the way to the homeland and the nation, wrote to take winter service Turhan said that they set themselves the goal of Turkey's international political, can improve their competitiveness using economic and socio-cultural aspects of the advantages and the countries that contribute to the process of globalization He emphasized that appropriate strategies should be developed in order to be successful.

Turhan stated that transportation is more important in this period when the borders between far and near are removed and global interaction is constantly increasing. kazanPointing out that it is the way of civilization for us, it is the highway transportation itself and our General Directorate of Highways in the literal sense of the word, which enables us to integrate with the world and have a say in transportation and access. he said.

Pointing out that big jobs were accomplished with the transportation initiative launched in 2003, Turhan gave the following information:

“In 16 years, we increased our divided road network to 20 thousand 541 kilometers by traveling 26 thousand 642 kilometers and ensured the connection of 77 cities. In 2018 alone, we built 185 kilometers of divided roads, 625 kilometers of which were highways. We have connected almost all of our cities in divided ways. We have made 39 percent of our road network and almost all of our main axes into divided roads. Accordingly, our cruise speed has doubled, travel times have been shortened by half. 2 percent of the traffic now travels on divided roads. In this way, we have achieved an annual reduction of 81 billion 17 million TL in emission emissions, as well as an annual reduction of 771 million 3 thousand tons. ”

“37 percent of the roads were from BSK”

Emphasizing that they have increased the physical standard of roads within the scope of improvement works that are important for traffic safety and comfortable travel, Turhan stated that 37 thousand 25 kilometers of the roads, corresponding to 215 percent of the roads, are BSK-owned.

Turhan stated that they have completed 90 percent of the east-west corridors that will provide connections with border gates, ports, railways and airports, and 86 percent of the north-south corridors, and they have increased the length of the highway to 2 kilometers within the framework of the highway mobilization they initiated.

Turhan explained that the achievements in the projects they implemented with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) method gave confidence to the investors in the following projects and increased the demand.

Turhan said, “Thanks to the Eurasia Tunnel, which was opened 2 years ago, we achieved 23 million hours of time savings, 30 thousand tons of fuel savings and 2 thousand tons of CO18 emission in a year.” used expressions.

in projects for sustainable development, emphasizing that they also show sensitivity to the protection of nature Turhan, 12 years 16 62 million reported they replant million, including last year.

“We are expanding smart transportation systems”

Turhan pointed out that it is essential to show environmental sensitivity in all plans and projects, “We place great emphasis on utilizing information technologies in our works, since the age we live is information and technology oriented. For this reason, we are expanding smart transportation systems. We are also starting to work on establishing an image-based highway information system management. ” found the assessment.

Turhan said that despite the increase in mobility on the roads by 2,5 times, traffic accidents decreased from 100 to 5,72 in the accident of "1,79 million vehicle times per kilometer", and said, "Despite the high increase in traffic, The number of deaths at the accident site has decreased by 10 percent, but it is certainly not something we can afford, although achieving a decrease is a success. ” said.

Turhan stated that speeding up the construction of highways with the management of public-private partnership, completing north-south corridors, expanding BSK for road safety and comfort, increasing controls, reducing fatal accidents, and carrying dangerous goods in international norms are the main targets.

Stating that they will continue to work tirelessly, devotedly and seriously in order to realize the necessary infrastructure for the country's economy to meet its projected targets, Turhan noted that the main theme of all transportation projects carried out since 2003 is the integrated transportation systems.

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