2023 Target of Bursa High Speed ​​Train, Airport, Highway Integration

Bursanin Target Speed ​​Train Airport Highway Integration
Bursanin Target Speed ​​Train Airport Highway Integration

AK Party Bursa deputy closely following the transportation projects. Mustafa Esgin, while summarizing the ongoing investments; he said that they are in search of further appraisal of Bursa in industry, tourism and agriculture, and he explained the goal:
Uz Bursa is a more accessible city. For this, we need to manage the proactive processes well. Bun
D As the biggest city that the ruling party has won, we are in an effort and effort to go to these dynamics faster, “he continued.
I Our president is very frequent, 2023 is the target of the country, not a political party. For this goal, Bursa should be more active. Bu
At this point…
He added that the highway will end this year, the high-speed train continues, the cargo flights started at Yenişehir Airport, which he called Bursa Airways and the airplane which has the most flights between Anadolu Jet and the occupancy rate of Gaziantep flights is close to one hundred percent and added that:
I The President of the Republic of Turkey also said that when he came to Bursa. We need to solve the transportation problems in this period. Ler (Olay - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)


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