Highways Foundation's 32. The Ordinary General Assembly was held

general assembly of highways foundation was held
general assembly of highways foundation was held

30 was established on March 1988 and 31 32 of the Highways Foundation operating for years. The Ordinary General Assembly was held. General Director Abdulkadir URALOĞLU made a speech at the General Assembly.

In his speech, the foundations of the Turkish-Islamic Civilization, which is one of the most important historical heritage; carrying the morality of sharing with a sense of devotion for generations; URALOĞLU, who touched upon the development of social and economic cooperation, development and preservation of cultural and artistic values ​​and pioneering many services in the development and construction of the country. In order to contribute to the development of the road network of our country, the Highways Foundation has been established to support the activities of the General Directorate of Highways in every way and to help meet the needs of the employees, retirees and dependents of education, health, social security, shelter and recreation.

Since the foundation of the Foundation, 775 has given the student a credit for teaching, and URALOGLU indicated that the Karayolları Foundation has shown the importance it attaches to education. He also stated that the Foundation also supported the institution with insurance policies by providing special discounts to the members of the Organization.

This support and contribution made by the Karayolları Vakfı, its subsidiary, erne Karayolları Vakfı Sigorta Acenteliği A.Ş. Ac and ları Karayolları Spor Kulübü Derneği Kar, is a subsidiary of Vakf KVS. Const. URALOĞLU pointed out that it meets the revenues obtained through the food revenues obtained from; inin mes bil bil bil bil bil çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken çeken Gıda stated that it is possible with the increase of monetary resources. URALOĞLU concluded his speech by thanking the foundation members for their outstanding efforts and support in their efforts with the belief that the main service units and regional offices in the center will continue their support for the Highways Foundation.

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