'Public Vehicle' Application in İzmir Starts as of April 29

The application of public carriage in Izmir starts from April
The application of public carriage in Izmir starts from April

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe projects promised by . As of April 29, a new era begins in urban public transportation in İzmir. Within the scope of the "People's Vehicle" application, which is the second leg of the Public Transportation Mobilization, all public transportation vehicles connected to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will carry their passengers between 06.00-07.00 in the morning and 19.00-20.00 in the evening, with the new 50 percent discounted tariff.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerThe "People's Vehicle" application, which is among the projects of 'Public Transport, which includes reducing the fare tariff by half in the morning and evening rush hours, is being implemented as of April 29. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the Owl Expeditions period in the sea transportation and rail system within the scope of the Public Transportation Mobilization, takes the second step with the discount hour application.

Accordingly, in the morning 06.00-07.00, 19.00-20.00 hours in the evening, all the public transport vehicles connected to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will carry 50 percent discount tariff. The application, which will be valid for bus, subway, tram, suburban and maritime transport, will also cover the current “Plus Money” and Öde Pay As You Go sistem systems. The N 90 Minute Transfer System ”will also remain valid.

Tariffs down by half

The full boarding fee, which is 3 TL under the standard tariff, will be 1,50 TL at discounted hours. Student and 60 Age Card holders benefit from 1,80 TL discount tariff will be applied as 0,90 TL. Teachers will pay 2,50 TL instead of 1,25 TL. In addition to contributing to the budget of economically low-income groups and students, the project is of great importance in terms of encouraging the use of public transportation. Airport lines, which are exclusively scheduled flights, will remain outside the Public Transportation application.

Mayor Soyer: ecilik Social municipality requires this Başkan

Reminding that they set out with the aim of increasing welfare in the city and equalizing it in all neighborhoods and villages of the city, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, said the following about the application of Halk Transport: “Halk Transport was a project that we committed to implement in the first 100 days. We aim to increase the rate of use of public transportation and increase the reasons for our citizens to prefer public transportation. Social municipality demands it. Another goal of our project is to contribute to the budget of our fellow countrymen who hit the road every morning, and to reduce the share of our students for transportation from their school allowances. Our efforts to support public transportation will continue.”

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