25 Meter Electric Buses Get Better For Manisa

meter electric bus manisaya get good
meter electric bus manisaya get good

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its electric bus fleet which is implemented in order to relieve urban traffic and contribute to the environment. The first of the 25 meter electric buses appeared in the main arteries in Manisa.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which will have the biggest electric bus fleet of Europe when it is completely taken over, has incorporated the first electric buses with 25 meters in length. In order to contribute to the environment and human health, as well as to relieve urban traffic, the project was launched in Manisa. The 14 meter electric bus, which leads to the main arteries between the citizens' applause and curious looks; 25 is capable of carrying 70 passengers including sitting. Two axes with 190 kw / s power; 500 is an electric bus with electric motor driven by wheel drive and the battery system and software is one hundred percent domestic production. Environmentally friendly, exhaust odor-free and economical, this tool, Manisa and Manisalil well.

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