Today in History: 17 April 1925 Ankara-Yahşihan Line

ankara yahsihan line
ankara yahsihan line

Today in History
17 April 1869 Baron Maurice de Hirsch, a Hungarian Jewish banker, signed a contract for the construction of Rumelia Railways. When the construction was over, a separate agreement was signed with Pavlin Talabat, who acted in the name of the Austrian Southern Railroad Company (lombar) owned by the famous banker Rothdchild. On the same date, a contract was signed between Baron Hirsh and Talabot.
17 April 1925 Ankara-Yahşihan Line (86 km) was opened to operation. Construction began at the Ministry of War in 1914. The rest of the line 10 1923 in December was re-started by President M.Kemal Pasha and Contractor Şevki Niyazi Dağdelence completed the project.

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