Access to Yüzüncü Yıl University Campus is under the control of Metropolitan

reach the university campus
reach the university campus

Deputy General Secretary of the Van Metropolitan Municipality Fazım Tamer visited the bus and minibus station at YŞ n zçüncünçü Year (YYà œ l). ± Listened.

ulaåÿä quality artmasä ± ± m, n ± standartlarä geliåÿtiril be spared the Windows XP Van threadsafe ± ± åÿmalarä is sã¼rã¼y of bã¼yã¼kåÿeh municipalities. In this context, proposals from the Secretary-General Yards ± ± ± s Tamer ulaåÿä fazä sÄ ± ± ± m baåÿkanä Kemal mescioäÿl Office continues inspection team under the supervision of. The Deputy Secretary General FazÃl Tamer, who has been studying at the starting point of the university municipality, the public highways and minibuses working in the University and the Upper East University bus lines, has Noting the problems and demands of the students, he stated that the studies continued to resolve the small problems.

Å of㶠and passengers öNeml is no alert on my iletiåÿi ± s Secretary General in the yard sÄ ± ± ± proposals from Tamer, said the passengers åÿofã¶r taåÿä ± ± gerektiäÿ davranmalarä mata more rigorous.

Deputy Secretary General Tamer, Mr. Van Emin Bilmez, Governor of the Municipality and Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Sinan Aslan, Director General of the Municipality We're working with you. The camp also examined on-site investigations to see if there are any difficulties in the area. Our students are generally satisfied with my reach. But those of us who öğrenci ± bã¼yã¼kåÿeh the slightest problem in our municipality iletiåÿ I numarasä 444 4 465 and Whatshapp even notice ± mÄ ± z is the number 0530 297 52 52 7 / 24 we can ulaåÿ to. Our efforts will continue at certain intervals â € ™ he said.



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