Yenişehir Air Freight Facilities 2 Opening in April

yenisehir air freight
yenisehir air freight

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Joint Committees and March Ordinary Assembly Meeting were held in the Room Service Building.

BCCI held with the participation of members of parliament and professional committees' Speaking at the Joint Committee Meeting of the BCCI Vice Chairman Ismail Bird, Turkey went through a difficult process, he said. Emphasizing the importance of the measures taken against the exchange rate fluctuations in the financial markets, İsmail Kuş stated that the support packages announced by the economic management with the representatives of the business world breath into the real sector.


BTSO Vice President İsmail Kuş stated that as BTSO, their members continue to increase their competitiveness, and that they have increased the number of UR-GE projects they have prepared with the support of the Ministry of Commerce to 19. İsmail Kuş, said: imiz With the approval of our projects for the chemical, construction and building materials, elevator manufacturing and furniture sectors, the number of our companies that have the right to benefit from UR-GE supports exceeded 500. In addition, renewable energy, health tourism, automotive supply industry, construction projects, composite and plastic, rubber, natural stone and processed marble and food, textile and machinery sectors for the new UR-GE preparations began. With the approval of these projects, we will have reached the 29 UR-GE project by the end of the year. Bu


the development goals based on exports of Turkey has always stressed his belief that they will reach agreement Ismail Bird, "the United Nations, recognized 188 upgrading the Bursamız the success bar showing the success exporting to countries covered by Logistics A.Ş.'s activities, which will also add value to our country Akdeniz Airport Air Cargo Facility ' ni 2 is planning to open in April. Air cargo transportation will provide significant cost and competitive advantage to our exporters. Hava


Vice President of BTSO İsmail Kuş stated that they had created a series of activity programs to increase the export of the companies of Bursa in April and said:-We will organize the Bursa Textile Show with the participation of 2 business professionals from 4 country at XINX-40 April. 350-15 We will be performing Turkish-German Trade Days event between April. We will also organize our Construction and Ricing City exhibitions which are closely related to our construction and real estate sector between 16-18 April. Instead of saving the day with the support of our professional committees and parliament, our scholarship has become a leading city identity that has been building its future from today. As BTSO, we will continue to add power to Bursa's business world. B

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