East to Connect with New Metro Line in Bursa West

new subway line to be linked to the East West scholarship
new subway line to be linked to the East West scholarship

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the underground underground line will be the whole 28.8 a citizen who ride from the subway from Gursu Emek, New City Hospital, the University, Görükle and the new development zone can reach the bush, he said.

President Aktas meet with citizens in the district of Gürsu, 28.8 all-underground metro will be uninterruptedly reach the continuous seamless reach of the Çalı region, he said.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş spent the weekend with a great deal of meetings and meetings with civil society organizations. Firstly, Aktas participated in the project introduction meeting of Mayor of Gürsu, Mustafa Işık, and was welcomed with the demonstrations of the love of the people of the city. Afterwards, the residents of TOKİ paid close attention to the President Aktaş who visited the building of Dışkaya TOKİ. Citizens living in TOKİ guests thanked Aktaş for the transportation of the 17 kilometer road which provides transportation to the district center in a short time and opened to transportation.

Stating that they considered Bursa as a whole with the town of 17 and they worked hard to improve the quality of life in all districts, President Aktaş said, ele TOKİ road was an important problem in this region. With the investment of 7 million pounds, we completed the 17 kilometer road and opened it to service. In the new period, we will bring a giant project to Bursa for the easy transportation of the center to our citizens. All we will do is go to the underground underground, a citizen from Gursu, Emek, New City Hospital, the University or Görükle and the new development zone of Çali can reach comfortably. The new metro will be the 28.8 mileage, Yeni he said.