Minister Turhan: 'We Made Railways Safer and More Comfortable'

we have made Turhan railways more safe and comfortable.
we have made Turhan railways more safe and comfortable.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, on the question of the delivery time of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) sets ordered to Siemens, the high speed train opened between Ankara and Istanbul. HalkalıHe said that reaching to will increase the demand for travel.

Emphasizing that the increase in demand in question is an expectation, Minister Turhan stated that even now, the tickets “do not sell”, the line should be fed with additional sets.

Turhan, Ankara-Sivas line will come into operation next year, this line will increase the need for train pointed out.

Cahit Turhan, who stated that the first batch of 10 YHT ordered under the contract made last year, will be delivered in November, said, “They will deliver the remaining 9 sets in 2020, one set per month. We will put them into service. These will also be backups of existing employees. ” used the expression.

Minister Turhan pointed out that they want to include the private sector in railway management and said that companies operating in this field in Europe are interested in the issue, and that comfort and quality are important to them.

Stating that they have made their programs to put the projects they planned as ministry into service on time, Turhan said, “There is no stagnation in our projects at the moment. Until today, we have made our investments by improving land and railway infrastructure all over the country in order to meet the urgent transportation needs of our country and to perform the services as soon as possible. ” he spoke.

Turhan, mainly pointing place on the east-west corridor of national and international transport movement in Turkey, on the date of the Republic on this corridor and said they were improving all the railways remain inactive.


In order to increase the capacity of the railroads, Turhan explained that they have made electrical, signaling and communication infrastructure more secure and comfortable.

“If you don't have your signalization, electrification, communication system in the conventional system in rail transport, the train on the back can move when the carrier train sets arrive at a station. With this communication system we make, trains will be able to communicate and track each other. This is important for security. After the accidents, we have been criticized as “You have opened and operated the line without signal”. 45 percent of the railway infrastructure in our country is electrical and signaled. We made the infrastructure, changed the rails, improved the balances and the sleepers, and strengthened them. ”

Drawing attention to the importance of the amount-distance relationship in transportation, Turhan said, “Our country has grown, developed, and the movement of goods and people has increased. The travel movements in our country have increased to 3, and the load movements to 3,5. This also shows that our country is growing economically. ” used the expression.


Turhan, the new era will give more weight to railways, stating, said:

“We will increase the capacity of our railways. The railroad can be 3 times cheaper than the highway in terms of transportation costs input, when a product can compete in the world market. This is a very important issue. Due to the amount-distance relationship previously, the input of transportation costs in a good and service was close to 2000 percent according to the calculations we made in the 15s. We made the divided roads, improved our roads, raised the standards and pulled it to 10 percent. ”

17 537 139 XNUMX invested in the last year, XNUMX billion pounds of the investment-transfer model with the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of the Turhan said, these are implemented in the country's investment environment has been improved and made more secure.


Minister Turhan pointed out that the railway will have a transportation axis and backbone on the Beijing-London line and said, “We will lay the foundation of the Istanbul-Kapikule High Speed ​​Train Project, which we tender a month ago, with the money we received from the European Union grant loans.” shared his knowledge.

Turhan, while reacting to the criticisms of “differentiating between cities” in urban infrastructure works, said:

“We did not look at the election because they voted for me, did not, and the municipality was from a different party. The best example of this is our EGERAY Project. We have made our EGERAY Project, which performs a very important service in the transportation infrastructure of İzmir, we operate it with a company that we have established with the municipality, we use our infrastructure in common. One of our projects is to reach this until Buca, we will do the rest, we have it in our program. In particular, we made the most investment in transportation to Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. We didn't think, "These didn't vote for us." It's my homeland, my land, my citizen no matter what. ”


Gebze-Halkalı Mentioning that the Commuter Line has started to serve with full capacity since its opening on March 12, Minister Turhan said that the combination of the Marmaray line with this line increased the average number of passengers daily by 112 percent to 468 thousand.

Turhan pointed out that public transportation should be safe and comfortable in order to be preferred and said, “When you provide these, people come here. There is also a time advantage. With Gebze Halkalı There is an uninterrupted transportation between, but if there is a need for vertical transportation, it allows you to get down and go anywhere you want by metro or other public transportation. ” He spoke in the form.

Gebze-Halkalı Emphasizing that another important advantage of the Suburban Line is about 76 kilometers in 115 minutes, Cahit Turhan added that this service is given at 5,70 lira and half price for the discounted ones. (UBAK)

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