Destruction of the Hazy Bend in Hacimusa


Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Saruhanlı district Hacimusa neighborhood is located at the entrance of the sharp cornering and expansion work is carried out. With the work carried out, the dangerous bend on the road is eliminated in order to ensure the safety of life and property of the citizens.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its road maintenance works in order to provide comfortable and safe transportation for the citizens. The project extends to the sharp bend at the entrance of Hacımusa Neighborhood in the Saruhanlı district. The Metropolitan Municipality, which lifts the sharp corners on the route, makes the existing road safer. Providing information on the subject Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repair Department Fevzi Demir, "for the safety of our citizens and lives on the road in dangerous bends in the work we are doing expansion," he said.

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