Wagon Café and Bilecik Youth Center Step-by-Step

hamsu wagon cafes with the center of the Bilecik to be a step forward
hamsu wagon cafes with the center of the Bilecik to be a step forward

Bilecik Mayor Nihat Can, Republic of 100. He gave information about Vagon Cafe, one of the projects of Bilecik.

Statement on; '' Hamsu Wagon Cafe with Bilecik'imizin Youth Center step by step '' expressions using the Mayor Nihat Can, said:

'' As we have stated on every occasion, we love our young people and give importance to young people. In this sense, our Bilecik will be the Vagon Cafe among our vision projects that will reach the targets of 2023. Vagonu Café will be held in the area behind İŞKUR building in Hamsu Valley and will be a new attraction point in the square area of ​​1000. In the project scope: open and closed living eating drinking areas, railways, suitable for the concept of the area will complete the economic life of the wagon (to be used as a kitchen. Table tennis, billiards, air hockey, such as table playgrounds, mini-bowling area will take place with the project in fact we Bilecik'in youth We created the center because the Park Valley Entertainment Center, the Ottoman Baths and other areas were created in the area where Hamsu Valley is located. Get '' he said.

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