University Junior Samsun Logistics Center

universiteli young people in samsun logistics center
universiteli young people in samsun logistics center

The students of Ondokuz Mayıs University Terme Vocational High School Foreign Trade Program visited Samsun Logistics Center in Samsun TSO.

being implemented in coordination with the European Union Delegation to Turkey, Turkey in the framework of the project Support Network EU Information Centers since 1997 Samsun Trade and Industry Chamber (STSO) which operates under EU Information Center 'IP Visibility Events' within the framework of techniques for university students organized a review trip. Within the scope of the project, students close to 50 who are teaching in Ondokuz Mayıs University Terme Vocational High School Foreign Trade Program, Assoc. Dr. Erol Terzi, Deputy Director Instructor Şahin Değirmenci visited the Samsun Logistics Center with Instructors Murat Yavuz and Muhammet Yüksel.

The emphasis of university-industry cooperation from Murzioğlu

Samsun TSO Chairman Salih Zeki Murzioğlu'nun the event, the students first, Samsun Logistics Center Marketing and Sales Officer Mustafa Yavuz Akmeşe, the structure and functioning of the center was informed about. Speaking after the Samsun TSO Chairman Salih Zeki Murzioğl, "EU Information Centers Network in Turkey's Support Project with the local people, is intended to be informed about the EU and awareness-raising activities are carried out. Children, young people, women, people with disabilities, such as working with groups of cultural and social activities are carried out more. In this context, we are with you today in the framework of IPA Visibility activities. We attach great importance to university-industry cooperation since the day we took office. Samsun Logistics Center, which is aiming to provide transportation, storage, distribution and intermodal transportation opportunities to the new entrepreneurs who will invest in logistics sector and logistics companies in the region, I believe that our valuable students who are studying in this field of project will be a good model and a good step to your professional life in the future. " said.

Tailor thanked

The event was attended by members of the press and the university students were informed about the units and storage areas in the logistics center by the authorities. At the end of the event, Ondokuz Mayıs University Terme Vocational School Director Assoc. Dr. Erol Terzi, Samsun TSO Samsun due to the organization thanked the EU Information Center. Tailor emphasized the importance of vocational education and said, pratik In addition to theoretical training, practical studies are very important in the education life of our students. The trip was very beneficial for our students. Düzen



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