Transportation Park and Spare Parts of Buses

ulasimpark produces the spare parts of the bus itself
ulasimpark produces the spare parts of the bus itself

The production of domestic and national products is provided at the Talaşlı Manufacturing Atelier, which is located in the General Directorate of Ulaşımpark A.Ş., one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. TransportationPark's materials and spare parts are produced by its own staff in the workshop. Mostly used as spare parts of bus buses, instead of importing parts, the raw material is bought and processed and processed. Transportation started to meet its own needs, began to profit from the domestic products produced.

TransportationThe staff of the lathe leveling workshop working within the structure of Park makes a piece that is imported by processing the materials from the ground in accordance with the desired needs. Incoming requests are evaluated and provide the desired amount of production. Thanks to the production carried out in this context, support is given to domestic production, not imported.

TransportationPark's 336 bus provides transportation services to Kocaeli people every day. Some of the apparatus and spare parts to be used according to the needs of the buses are produced by the staff at the Machining Workshop. One of the parts produced is the apparatus used in the wiper arms of the buses. Although this apparatus was normally a part of the order from abroad, it became an application that relieved TransportationPark from time to time and materially.

TransportationPark authorized personnel started to work as a result of the R & D work carried out in order to produce the ordered product in its own workshops. The raw product was processed and processed in a lathe workshop. In this way, the cost of the part to be purchased by TransportPark, while the cost of 50 thousand TL by paying a domestic 10 Thousands of both time, and the amount paid, as well as domestic production to support the production of the piece was realized. TransportationPark has generated a net profit of TL 40 from domestic products it produces.

In line with the need, the personnel working at the Machining Workshop are told where the part should be used and how it should be. Personnel who perform R & D work quickly start to produce parts in the desired direction. Some of the parts produced are the tools used in floor painting, bus wiper sprinkler apparatus, bus door pin and bus handle connecting brackets.

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