TransportationPark Both Produce And Save

both production and savings
TransportationPark Both Produce And Save

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. The maintenance repair workshop takes parts from scratch, works and saves part cost. TransportationPark Beach Road Maintenance-Repair Workshop produced by the fan motor, medium bellows, fan pump, air conditioning filter, passenger door, tailgate, glass and wiper mechanism, such as buses that serve public transport is able to minimize costs. TransportationPark provides support to domestic and national production by minimizing the waiting time of the parts with its produced parts.


ulaşımpark belonging Beach Road Maintenance Garage employees in the workshop, part of the raw materials instead of buying parts from abroad buying from Turkey realizes its production from scratch. A certain part of the spare parts of the 336 bus are produced by mechanic masters within the Transportation Park. Employees who play a major role in the repair, some parts of the repair process is also carried out.


The foremen and the employees determine the raw materials needed by the R & D work they have carried out. Then the team to take the raw material of the piece, the desired size of the desired size and shape after finding the one is buying. Finally, the purchased parts are brought to the workshop and brought to the workshop after they are brought to the appropriate norms.


TransportationPark Beach Road Garage master and his crew have managed to save a great deal on the supply of bus parts to this day. TransportationPark Beach Road maintenance workshop already produced parts; fan motor, plate, medium bellows, fan pump, air conditioner filter, passenger door, fuel filter, tailgate, glass and wiper mechanism.


One of the most important parts of the 18 meter buses, called as "bellows", is the fan pump and Transportation Park was supplying this piece from abroad. The fan pump was supplied from abroad to 18 thousand TL and was costly as well as costly. Transportation who want to save on time and costPark master and employees produced this piece themselves. Transportation, which has been freed from overseas supply, has cost 500 TL with its fan pump produced by domestic materials. Time-saving transportation In the Park, Beach Road maintenance and repair shop, annual maintenance of vehicles, instant fault repair and engine repair are also carried out.

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