THY 6 Warns Its Passengers for Great Moves in April

thy warned the passengers for the big move in April
thy warned the passengers for the big move in April

Turkish Airlines has made a warning today about the new airport that has been changed many times before. The statement from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport will be carried out on April in the 6 April, 6 April at the time of the 02.00 airport scheduled flights from Istanbul Airport will be said. However, THY still does not sell air tickets to the new airport, and passengers who want to buy air tickets meet two different warnings.

Turkish Airlines (THY) announced that a major move from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport will take place on April at 6.

In a statement from THY's Twitter address, which explained different dates before moving, de The big move is starting. Due to the fact that we have moved our new home to Istanbul Airport, we stop all our scheduled flights at the Atatürk Airport at 6 April 2019 hour 02.00. 6 April 2019 hours As of 14.00, we will start to perform all scheduled flights from Ataturk Airport from Istanbul Airport. Thank you for sharing the excitement of our new home with us. To see you at Istanbul Airport İstanbul.

However, despite this statement, THY does not sell any tickets from Istanbul Airport.

Ticket sales still take place through Atatürk Airport.

For example, if you want to buy Istanbul Airport-Ankara Esenboğa tickets from THY site in April, you will see two warnings.

The first warning is the fixed moving date added to the upper part of the site, while the second warning is not a flight on this route. (Habersol)

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