The right to compensation in the case of delays on passengers traveling by rail

the right to compensation for passengers traveling by rail
the right to compensation for passengers traveling by rail

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure prepared a regulation on the rights of passengers traveling on railways. The regulation includes a lot of information, from ticket refunds to compensation for passengers in case of an accident, procedures to be applied to untrained passengers.

regulations specifying the rights of those who will travel with rail vehicles in Turkey was published in the Official Gazette.

ARTICLE 1 - (1) The purpose of this Regulation is; to regulate the procedures and principles regarding the determination and supervision of the passengers traveling by rail before, during, after and after the accidents and incidents affecting them, the conditions where these rights apply and the obligations of the organizations providing services to the passengers.


ARTICLE 2 - (1) The provisions of this Regulation cover the passengers who serve with a travel document on the national railway infrastructure network and the railway train operators, agencies, gar and station operators serving them.

(2) The provisions of this Regulation;

a) Public rail transport services independent of the national railway infrastructure network and those providing services and services on railway infrastructures established to meet the internal passenger transport needs of a particular enterprise or organization,

b) Service areas and service providers on the infrastructures independent of the national railway infrastructure network, such as touristic, historical, entertainment, museum exhibitions, performances and similar purposes,

c) Commuter transport services in the national railway infrastructure network

It does not cover.


ARTICLE 3 - (1) This Regulation; 10 / 7 / 2018 30474 No. 1 published on the Presidency of the Presidency of the Presidential Decree 478 of the first paragraph of the article (c) is based on the subparagraph was prepared.


ARTICLE 4 - (1) In the application of this Regulation;

a) Agency: In the field of railway transportation; commercial agent, commercial proxy, sales officer or a non-adherent, such as a contract on the basis of a contract based on a specific place or region in one or more than one railway train operator to deal with contracts that are related to and on behalf of them to make a contract to carry out the contract and the Ministry of natural persons, public legal entities and companies,

b) Transfer ticket: Ticket or tickets for a carriage contract in a consecutive rail transport service provided by one or more railway train operators,

c) Buyer: The person to whom the baggage specified in the baggage transport document shall be delivered,

d) Vehicle: The baby carriage, bicycle and / or motor bikes carried on the train the passenger is traveling,

d) Baggage: The travel document, which is the volume, size and weight that the passenger cannot carry, but need to be used in the destination at the end of the journey,

e) Baggage transport certificate: The document issued for the baggage transport by the railway train operator indicating that the baggage has been collected from the passenger,

f) Luggage identification coupon: The document providing the determination of which passenger the baggage belongs,

g) Minister: Minister of Transport and Infrastructure,

ğ) Ministry: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure,

h) Suburban transport: A city center or urban area connected to the national railway infrastructure network, passenger transport by metro, light rail and similar systems between the provinces and the surrounding regions,

i) Ticket: Travel document,

i) Railway infrastructure operator: Public legal entities and companies authorized by the Ministry to operate the railway infrastructure in a safe manner and to offer the services of railway train operators,

j) Directorate General of Rail Regulatory Affairs: The Ministry's service unit responsible for carrying out the works and operations to be performed by the Ministry under this Regulation,

k) Railway system: The structural and operational subsystems of the railway processes as a whole and their operation and management,

l) Railway train operator: Public legal entities and companies authorized by the Ministry to carry cargo and / or passenger transport on the national railway infrastructure network,

m) Hand luggage: Baggage of the size and weight determined by the railway train operator in which the passenger is under his / her own control and responsibility, kept in the wagon he travels.

n) Person with disabilities and / or limited mobility: Special care and adaptation of the services provided to all passengers with the limitations of the transportation service, due to the loss of various levels of permanent or temporary physical or mental, spiritual and sensory abilities. who requires

o) Goods: Without the passenger on the train, it is possible to transport portable, non-commercial objects in the volume, size, weight and variety determined by the railway train operator.

ö) Station: Large railway station where the needs of the rail travels are met to a large extent,

p) Station and station operator: Public legal entities and companies authorized by the Ministry to operate a gar or station,

r) Delay: The difference between the expected arrival time and the actual / actual arrival time according to the published timetable,

s) Shipper: the person who delivers the goods, identifies the buyer and signs the baggage transport document,

ş) Station: The places where the traffic related services are carried out by TCDD, the railway and facilities for carrying passengers and / or cargo,

t) Accident: An unwanted, unexpected, sudden and unintentional event or event chain with harmful consequences such as material damage, death, injury,

u) Incident: Unforeseen, unexpected, situations outside the accident definition that affect the operation and / or safety of the railway system,

ü) Reservation: Before the travel, the passenger shall obtain the right to travel by making a reservation in the train and document it in written or electronic form,

v) RID: Regulation on International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail,

y) Travel document: Paper and / or electronically regulated and recorded in accordance with the applicable legislation in the conditions specified for the journey requested; a ticket that provides one or more journeys with a fee, validity terms and special conditions,

z) City rail public transport services: A city center or an urban area not connected to the national railway infrastructure network, railway transportation services provided by rail systems such as subway, tramway, suburban and similar, to meet the transportation needs between the provinces and the surrounding regions,

aa) Transporter: Public legal entities and companies providing transportation services other than railway train operators,

bb) Carriage contract: means the contract for the carriage of goods for free or free of charge between the railway train operator or the agent or the passenger or sender,

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