The First Section of the Sumela Monastery Opens

the first part of the sumela monastery is opening
the first part of the sumela monastery is opening

President of the AK Party AK Party Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy'ın Sümela Monastery evaluated the statement made.

Zorluoğlu said, j Dear Minister, He gave the good news that the first section of Sumela Monastery will open in 18 May. We welcomed this statement like all the people of Trabzon. God willing, '356 Day 4 Season Trabzon' in the light of our motto, we will double the number of tourists by getting up in the tourist base, İn he said.

The first section of the Sumela Monastery, which has been closed for a long time due to restoration works, opens on 18 May Museum Day. Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy gave the gospel on the subject. Dile The Sümela Monastery has been closed for a long time due to restoration work, leşt said Minister Ersoy. At the end of the summer I made a visit there and it was not possible to open the Sumela Monastery before 2020, and as the Ministry, I said that we will accelerate the process and provide additional resources and budget. On the 18 May Museum Day, the opening of the first section of the Sumela Monastery became definite. 18 May I hope to open the first part of the Sumela Monastery''he said.

Minister Ersoy said about the statement of the Prime Minister of the AK Party Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said that they welcomed the gospel given to the Sümela Monastery with joy as the people of Trabzon. Zorluoğlu said, aç The fact that the first section of the Sumela Monastery, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, will be opened in a short period of time made us happy and excited. In this sense, we would like to thank our Minister. I hope we will do our best to make more contribution to the awareness of Sumela Monastery, one of the most important tourism areas, olan he said.

Zorluoğlu made a statement about the cable car and the Vazelon Monastery to be built at the Sumela Monastery and said:'y If we take the task, the cable car will be one of our primary actions. We will also complete the necessary works in the Vazelon Monastery as soon as possible. Thus, opening the Vazelon and Sumela monasteries to the public service as soon as possible, we will bring a very important value to the tourism of Trabzon. We are committed to transforming Trabzon into a tourism center where 365 days can be visited in the 4 season by doing the necessary work in areas such as winter tourism, gastro-tourism, mountain and highland tourism, faith tourism, sports tourism, festival and entertainment tourism Kış.

Tourism Master Plan and the projects they will implement, the number of tourists 5 4 million by doubling the year they will reach the Zorluoğlu, so that the city's economy will breathe and increase the employment opportunities in the city said. Trabzon said the field of tourism will ramp up Cumhur Alliance AK Party Trabzon Mayor candidate Zorluoğl is, "In this sense only, we need to support our citizens to attain to a brighter tomorrow, not all of Turkey's Trabzon. We trust Trabzon. The effort is from us, from our support citizens, from God't.

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