25 Reason for TCDD 7 Reason for Çorlu Train Accident


Corlu 8 2018 and 25 people experienced in July for the Republic of Turkey train crash that killed State Railways (TCDD), the report was prepared by the Directorate General of Internal Audit.

HürriyetAccording to Ismail Saymaz, the inspection report listed seven major causes of the accident as follows:

A 1- The most important reason was the erosion of the filler with the ballast (rail layer) in the culvert. Due to the lack of culvert capacity, the rain accumulated and sunk, the ballast flowed first, then the erosion occurred and the rails were empty. This issue was not noticed by the road maintenance and repair department.

2- The signaling system was not activated since no breakage occurred on the rails.

3- Road maintenance repair chief was not able to raise awareness about excessive rainfall.

4- After excessive rainfall, the chief did not check on the line.

5-Line maintenance and repair of new technology, not the classical methods and materials were used. ”Considering the climate change, it is believed that it would be more appropriate to take into account the methods such as cement injection and the materials produced by new technologies instead of earthfilling. Rapor

6-State Railways has not yet completed its transformation efforts. He was not able to bring the coordinated work within the Directorate General of Meteorology to the expected level. TCDD is a meteorological engineer and there are no technical units to evaluate the weather conditions.

7 - May Year 2018 Yearly Public Inspection Report in the scene of the accident at the scene of the ballast retainer wall was determined to be done, but no study was done.

TCDD Inspection Board Inspector Yasin Demir, TCDD Transport INC., The report prepared in terms of the train, 110 kilometers per hour and the speed of the incident was noted that the speed of the violation. It was emphasized that there were no deficiencies or deficiencies in the professional qualifications and duties of the machinists. The locomotive was reported to have been repaired four times in the 2017, five times in the 2018, and the wagons were repaired many times in the 2016 and 2017. Therefore, it was argued that there is no flaw to be attributed to the company.

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