TCDD's Marmaray Fees Will Be Returned

tcddden marmaray fees will be refunded
tcddden marmaray fees will be refunded isTCDD officials, the Istanbul Suburban Line this morning, the citizens were aware of the problem of being charged more than a fee, the citizen will be returned to the fee by the IMM company BELBIM said.

Gebze-Halkalı The first flights started this morning on the Commuter Train Line. Although 6 has determined different price types according to TCDD number of stops, citizens could not get refunds this morning and 5.70 TL wage was cut for short distance. 1.25 TL tickets are deducted from the student instead of 2.70 TL. Machines 'do not have a return fee' warning. According to the information received from TCDD officials, will be reimbursed from the citizens.

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