Talas Mevlana Rail System Line Finishes to Finish

talas mevlana rail system has reached the last stage for financing
talas mevlana rail system has reached the last stage for financing

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality made the March meeting. Mayor Mustafa Çelik, who chaired the meeting, thanked the members of the assembly for their adaptation. President Steel, Kayseri's future and continue to work intensively for the future of Kayseri, he said.

Metropolitan Municipality Council, President Mustafa Steel gathered under the management of the matter 39 decided on the matter. At the opening of the meeting, President Mustafa Çelik emphasized the harmony in the assembly and reminded the members of the assembly that the unanimity of the decisions taken by 90 was passed.

Talas-Mevlana-Asik Veysel Boulevard Rail System Line financing was also discussed at the meeting. Within the framework of the joint work carried out with Iller Bank, the financing of this line was submitted to the play of the members of parliament, which included the request for authorization to be obtained from the Islamic Development Bank. Mayor Steel, describing the matter about the matter to the last day of fate they work for Kayseri, he said. In this context, in the continuation of the Farabi Street tube gate to connect with the Commando Brigade Commander Brigadier Commander Brigade reminded that they made a protocol with the President Mustafa Steel, Talas Mevlana said they came to the end of the rail system to finance the line. Stating that they are working for the future of Kayseri and the future of Kayseri, Celik said that they provided financing from Islamic Development Bank in very favorable terms.

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