Snowkite World Cup was Held in Erciyes

snowkite dunya cup was made in erciyeste
snowkite dunya cup was made in erciyeste

Erciyes, one of the world's leading winter sports centers, continues to host world championships. The 1 stage of the IKA Snowkite World Cup was held in Erciyes between 3-4 March. Mayor Mustafa Çelik followed a part of the races and attended the medal ceremony.

Erciyes Ski Center, which has started to be mentioned together with the most prestigious winter sports centers in the world with the national and international sports organizations it has held for the last 4 years, has hosted another world cup. Erciyes, which also hosted the final stage of the Snowkite World Cup last year, held the 4th stage of the World Cup this year. In the World Cup organized by International Kiteboard Federation, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes A.Ş and Oli Sports Club; Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, struggled best snowkite athletes from Ukraine and Turkey.

The Turkish sportsman Sarp Bulut, who was born in 2003 in the races, was able to leave behind many domestic and foreign athletes who were older than him and found his way into the first 3 in long distance and track races in 'Snowboard' category.
Due to its geographical structure and regular breeze flow, as a result of Snowkite World Cup competitions held in Erciyes, one of the best snowkite centers in the world; In long-distance ski men, Florian Gruber from Germany won first place, Felix Kersten from Germany second and Dmytro Yasnolobov third from Ukraine. Cristina Corsi, the Italian athlete, came first in long-distance skiing women.

Long-distance championship in men's snowboard race Reneve Artem from Russia, runner-up Igor from Russia Zakhartsev again, Turkey has achieved third place from steep clouds. In long distance snowboarding, Aija Ambrasa from Austria took the first place, Chanti Van Boxtel from the Netherlands ranked second, and Zulfiia Tatlybaeva from Russia took the third place.
In short-range skiing men, the German Florian Gruber won the first place in the category of Italian athletes Cristina Corsi, in this category of women, while the first, Ukrainian Dmytro Yasnolobov second, German Felix Kersten second.

Russian Artem short distance race in the men's snowboard Reneve first, and the Russian Igor Zakhartsev second, while the third was from Turkey Sarp Cloud. In short distance snowboarding, Aija Ambrasa from Austria came first, Chanti Van Boxtel from the Netherlands, Zulfiia Tatlybaeva from Russia came third.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik followed some of the races together with TÜRSAB President Firuz Bağlıkaya. President Çelik also attended the medal ceremony. At the award ceremony held for the athletes who achieved degrees as a result of the competitions, the medals and cups were presented to the athletes by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik, as well as Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı, Secretary General of the International Kite Federation Markus Schwendtner, Oli Sports Club President Kerem Mutlu and Erciyes Kite Hotel owner Mehmet Oyunlioğlu were presented. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik, in his statement about the competitions, said that Erciyes is now a world-renowned winter sports center. Expressing that they introduced Erciyes to the world with their promotional activities and the international organizations they hosted, Chairman Çelik said that every organization organized was appreciated and Erciyes was given prestige for larger organizations. kazanstated that he did.

Erciyes A.Ş. made a statement after the race. Chairman of the Board Murat Cahid Cıngı said, yan We hosted one of the world's most important athletes in Erciyes with the Snowboard European Cup and Snowboard World Cups held in the last 4 year and the Snowkite World Cup for the second time this year. In all of these organizations, with live broadcasts from global media, billions of viewers have met Erciyes' perfect runways, nature and winter conditions of high standards. Erciyes Ski Center, which has made a name for itself with its global sporting organizations during the winter season, is a source of pride for our country to leave behind important activities like the World Cup successfully. Kış

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