Concrete Road Attack from Şanlıurfa Metropolitan in Harran

sanliurfa big road to harranda concrete road atagi
sanliurfa big road to harranda concrete road atagi

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues the concrete road attack started in every district in Harran as well.

Performing the opening of the 8 kilometer group road connecting Koyunluca, Efficient, Sadak and Konacik sites, President Nihat Ciftci said that they have brought the 12 thousand kilometers road network to Sanliurfa.

Bringing concrete road application to Şanlıurfa in terms of its long-lasting structure and permanent services, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its work in 13 districts after the trial process it carried out. Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, who carried out a series of visits and openings in Harran, made examinations in the concrete road application completed by the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, who made the opening of the first concrete road application of the district, stated that they brought Harran to the road network of 527 kilometers.


President Nihat Ciftci said, “We are opening the concrete road, which is our new road application, 8 kilometer, which connects our neighborhoods between Koyunluca, Efficient, Sadak and Konacik. This is the way our system is implemented in Harran for the first time. As a result of our researches as Metropolitan Municipality, we made a concrete road application which could last long and lasted for 25 years in our Sanliurfa and Harran.

This system is used in airports and is more costly than the surface coating system, but the life of its 20 solids in a way that can go. We use the resources of our nation accurately. That's why we need to use it properly. If you make a path and the 1-2 will be reinstated within the year and do it again, the source will be 10 times higher and will be incomplete at meeting the demands of our citizens. This is one of the example projects we did at this rural point, and we did this experiment in many points. First, as a sample in the Karacadağ region, then we made investigations. Then in certain parts of our district of Haliliye again by doing the experiment was a correct system, "he said.


President Nihat Çiftçi added that the concrete road system was carried out in 13 district., Our aim is to equip the rural areas of Şanlıurfa with concrete road network. We no longer have to take the road problem for our local authorities and people living in the neighborhood, and we have to throw it into the waste of history. I have many friends who contributed to these beautiful investments and I thank them. We worked with our District Municipalities and Assembly Members in a good way for the service to be good and I would like to thank my friends for these services. Hizmet

Mayor Nihat Çiftçi said, götür We have carried out extensive studies in the thousand 411 neighborhoods of Şanlıurfa and left room for service. We just came from the opening of the bus station that could make Harran a modern district. Now we are in our rural neighborhood and we are opening the concrete path of 8 Kilometers.

As we always say, we love this country and this city. In this, we continuously produce projects by producing projects without wasting day and night. We poured this sweat to serve the people whose loyalty, nationality and loyalty to the flag, where no one else was marginalized, everyone was embraced and valued. God bless our people always trusted us, and we did not make that confidence in vain.

Thanks to God, we have our head towards our end of the mission and our nationality in order to leave a pleasant way. Hopefully a beautiful selection is experienced and our nation and our Şanlıurfa will win, no matter which brother, who came after the election, we would like to have a bar on this Metropolitan Municipality period. Şanlıurfa is now the star of the region with big projects, not as before değil.


President Nihat Ciftci said, ran This is not just a concrete road but a 1 in Harran. 245 Mileage, 2. 182 Mileage at the floor pavement and the 8 kilometer concrete road application that we have opened on this day, have achieved a 527 Kilometers route network. When we look at Sanliurfa in general, we have gained a total network of 12 thousand kilometers. I would like to congratulate all of my staff members for their efforts. Tüm

With the locals after the opening sohbet Mayor Nihat Çiftçi was accompanied by Harran Mayor Mehmet Özyavuz, AK Party Harran District President Mahmut Özyavuz, and Metropolitan Municipality Council Members.



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