Reduce Target Accidents in Intelligent Transportation Technologies

reduce target accidents in smart transport technologies
reduce target accidents in smart transport technologies

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, the transportation to all types and stages of transportation is also a common type of transportation, stating, tür Briefly smart transportation We say, informatics This new category, which can also be summarized, has become one of the indispensables of daily life, especially in urban life. diye

Minister Turhan, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) and the TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transport Tolga Atakan also attended the opening of the International Intelligent Transport Systems (AUS) Summit in his speech, a technological era has been experienced in the last century in the field of technology recorded he said the developments affected the world in a very radical way.

Geography, technology is not conquered today, the field is not almost not drawing attention to the fact that the Turhan, without technology is almost impossible to live life, he said.

Turhan stated that everything in the world has evolved with a dizzying pace, and that the level of development of countries is directly proportional to their access infrastructures, and that informatics values ​​have become a wealth of access structures.

Turhan, who stated that a new transportation category was born with the communication being common to all types and stages of transportation in time, said:

Özet In short, the new category, which we call 'smart transportation', which can be summed up as 'informatics supported transportation', has become one of the indispensables of daily life especially in urban life. As it becomes a habit, many smart transportation applications, which most of us do not even know, work at all times and serve both drivers and passengers. Artık

Safety and comfort priority

Turkey in the "wheels are turned" approach just some of the work, which aims to reach every corner of the country, adapting to technology today, the way Turhan reminiscent of the bride intelligent way, now developed in accordance with international standards of road construction driving comfort and safety to the maximum extent, become the most important priorities and objectives he said he came.

Turhan, road, vehicle and caused by the provision of mutual communication between passengers "intelligent transportation systems" the efficient use and domestically in Turkey by expressing the determination of 2023 strategy for dissemination to the public, Intelligent Transportation Systems has reported that the creation of a concreted road map with 2023 Strategy action plan.

Bileşen We have clevered the paths with the components of intelligent transportation “

Communicates with each other moving vehicles and software partners, it made mistakes and Turhan explained that reduce the rate of occurrence of accidents, road forgiving located in developed countries also voiced their practices in Turkey started to implement.

Minister Turhan, pointing to the studies on intelligent transportation systems, kablo One of the main centers, including 18 intelligent transportation systems center and highway network, 15 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable communication infrastructure by creating a smart way to make. Within the framework of this target 4 thousand 733 kilometers, we have made the planning, so far have completed the 505 kilometer.

Stressing the ways they make smart transportation by emphasizing the ways of Turhan, "Our goal along the road to vehicles such as routes, accident prevention, such as providing support by providing safe and comfortable transportation," he said.

Turhan stated that the value given to human beings is the basis of intelligent transportation services and said, taki Our goal is to reduce accidents with fatal and severe injuries with the intelligent transportation systems and technologies that we have implemented and continue to carry out with the transportation policies we have established as the Ministry. Tur

Turhan said that they did not only reduce the accident rate, but also shortened their travel time. Turhan said that they opened the way for citizens and entrepreneurs to use time more effectively.

Turhan, smart transportation infrastructure in the city to provide the benefits of similar infrastructures here and also said they have established cities smart, said:

Güvenlik We aim to ensure that transportation, health, safety, energy and environmentally friendly practices are interactive with each other in order to provide fast, high quality and smart city services to our citizens. The speed of development of technology can exceed the speed of realization of investments. We design and implement all our plans and infrastructure as flexible as possible and adapt to the developments. Tüm

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