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performance staff
performance staff

Turkey's most established and trusted brand in the urban public transport IETT successful employees in 2018 Performance Development System (PGS) has awarded the framework.

73 civil servant personnel and 137 workers received awards during the Performance Development System Awards. The captain of the year was awarded by İlhan Ceylan and the Honorary Award was given by Muhammed Toprak. For the first time this year, drivers and operators of Private Public Buses and Buses were given awards. In this context, 50 person from Private Public Bus and 10 person from Bus AS were awarded.

For the Performance Awards given in two main categories, Officer and Worker Staff, the General Secretary of IMM for the PGS Award Ceremony held at Bağlarbaşı Culture Center. Hayri Baraçlı, General Manager of IETT Ahmet Bağış, İETT Deputy General Managers Hasan Özçelik Abdullah Kazdal and Hayri Haberdar, Bus Co. General Manager Abdullah Yasir Şahin, ÖZULAŞ Chairman Sedat Şahin, Yeni İstanbul Halk Otobüsleri A.Ş. President Yalçın Beşir, Mavi Marmara AŞ. President Ramazan Gürler, Vice President of Hak İş Confederation, Mehmet Keskin, Bem-Bir-Sen IETT Branch Chairman Yakup Gündoğdu, Service Workers Union IETT 2 Branch Branch President Ahmet Günce, IETT 3 Branch President Mustafa İluk, President of the İBÇD Association Abdülaziz Kaygısız Heads of department, heads of departments and employees attended the Company's Heads of Private Public Buses.

The program enchanted the participants of the concert given by the ISEMX Music Group, which is composed of disabled individuals who are trained in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disabled People (ISEM). After the concert, Productivity Specialist Cemal Bozkurt made an interview. Cemal Bozkurt, “Thinking the duty, responsibility, and possibilities possessed by the institution from the employees in a different dimension, questioning the effects of the behaviors revealed, acting in social life, business life and private life by seeing the important issues to be considered, is the most important element expected in human-oriented studies.” he spoke.

Speaking at the award ceremony held with the slogan "We Succeed with Our Employees", İBB Secretary General Dr. Hayri Baraçlı received awards for the Performance Development System both at home and abroad. kazanStating that it is a well-established structure, he noted that IETT has been successfully continuing this organization since 2012. Stating that they work actively 24 hours a day with an understanding that will maximize citizen satisfaction and service quality, Baraçlı said, “Istanbul is a city larger than the population of 15 countries with a population of more than 130 million. Serving in this city is not that easy. The services rendered in Istanbul are appreciated by all the countries of the world. We see it as a form of worship to serve this city, where the services rendered are appreciated.” said.

Istanbul People Are Waiting For Our Service

Baraçlı said that the people of Istanbul expect service from them. X Our work with the vision of 1994, 2023 and 2053, which was given to us by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, started the local government breakthrough in 2071 with the love of service. The people of Istanbul are waiting for us. We act in an effort to carry out this service in a way that is sustainable and sustainable. At this point, the performance of the IETT 148 has been undisputed for years. 24 hours have an active working tempo. We may also encounter problems during this study. However, in order to establish systems that will prevent the repetition of the same type of problems and to develop these systems, our works are continuing rapidly. Ancak

IETT General Manager, who spoke in the program. Ahmet Bagis stated that they are working to improve the service quality and that they have a responsibility to offer quality service to the people of Istanbul. Bagis stated that they are in the happiness of being together with the employees who have great efforts in increasing the public transportation services in Istanbul and increasing customer satisfaction. Me Without our passengers, our existence has no meaning. We have a responsibility to improve the quality of our services to our customers. We are together with our employees who succeed in increasing the quality of this service. Goodness and beauty are contagious. Every beauty we put forward, every goodness, every success, every satisfaction will affect our friends inadvertently. In this way, we will be able to continuously improve our service quality. I hope that all public transport operators will be here next year. Because the minibuses, service providers and taxi drivers will see the opportunity to question themselves. In this way, they will be instrumental in carrying them up to the quality of service. Bu

İETT pointed out the importance of serving Istanbul, Deputy General Director. Hasan Özçelik, in his speech, said that the satisfaction of the passengers is very important for them and that they give continuous training to the employees in order to increase their satisfaction.

IETT Human Resources Department President Bülent Employee, who recently made a speech, stated that IETT has continued its 148 annual journey together with its employees, and that 148 has rewarded the employees who work in the successful continuation of an annual journey with this occasion.

After the ceremony protocol speeches, the award kazanIt ended with moments receiving their awards.

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