The First Stage of the Army Ring Road Opened

the first passage of the army
the first passage of the army

21,4, the first phase of the 10,7 km, designed by 3 for the purpose of providing a safe and comfortable transportation service by relaxing the army city passage. It was put into service with a live connection with Uraloğlu.

Acknowledging the people who contributed to the project, President Erdoğan said that the 40-minute inter-city traffic was reduced to 10 minutes with the opening of the ring road.

With the introduction of the road, the traffic emissions will be eliminated and the exhaust emissions of the vehicles will be reduced significantly. 21,7 million TL from the labor force and 14,6 million TL from fuel oil will be saved.

The 2 × 2 lane split road standard includes a double tube tunnel with 5,3 total length of 2 and 1 km of 3 units of viaducts.

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