Narlıdere Viaduct and Bridge Interchange Opened with Ceremony

narlidere viyaduk and koprulu junction toren was opened to service
narlidere viyaduk and koprulu junction toren was opened to service

Sanliurfa traffic in order to relax the Sanliurfa-Diyarbakir road, the construction of which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Narlidere Viaduct and Bridge in the 3 junction was launched with an official ceremony.

Continuing steel bridges, boulevards and road expansion works in order to relieve Şanlıurfa traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the Narlıdere Köprülü Junction, which will connect the Çardaklıkaya Boulevard and the Karaköprü district, which connects İbrahim Kgülüoğlu Boulevard with a ceremony.


President Nihat Çiftçi who made the opening of Köprülü Intersection, which connects the Karaköprü side to each other and will provide traffic relief in the region, said that they have provided the golden age for the transportation to Şanlıurfa.

In his opening speech, President Nihat Çiftçi said, Başkan We continued our works uninterruptedly by acting as the President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Since our city is now receiving immigrants from the countryside and its economic level is rising, we live in a city where there are almost every year 2-3 vehicles by entering new vehicles in the market in terms of traffic. It is not easy to manage all the boulevards to manage traffic in a city with a large number of vehicles and to provide uninterrupted transportation. The staff of our Metropolitan Municipality is the owner of the projects in Şanlıurfa. During 10 annual Mayor process, we have very good relations with our General Directorate of Highways. In Şanlıurfa, we needed to complete the ring roads. Likewise, we used all the means to connect the internal ring roads and work together to ensure that the traffic could breathe comfortably. We started 15 July Martyrs and Democracy, which we started with the first two bridged junction and then the General Directorate of Highways, which is the tender of the 8 direction you can return to the Karaköprü Junction Force junction is being done. Afterwards, we are making the Narlıdere Köprülü Junction which will be opened by our Metropolitan Municipality. In the same way, Sırrın Köprülü Junction was put into service in this period. Again, the construction of our Karakoyun Köprülü Junction is continuing by the Metropolitan Municipality. I hope that this junction will be completed within a short time and will be presented to the citizens of Şanlıurfa. Our brothers in Sanliurfa experienced problems during these studies, but development is something like this. If you are scared and you do not do any work that no one dares you can never develop this city kork


In a short period of 3,5 years 25,35 and Chairman Nihat Çiftçi said that they bring to Sanliurfa making 50 Boulevard, including 22 meters, "GAP başkentiyiz and that our city is our important and the government for the Republic of Turkey, a city that cares a lot of our President. Şanlıurfa will grow and prosper with fertile lands. We have to leave our problems in our growing and developing city and always move forward. If necessary, we will do the Mountain, we will do the Interchange if necessary. Karaköprü During the period of Nihat Çiftçi forests were brought to the north direction, the next to the construction of the next to the development of the mountain skirt zone could not be made. If the city questions it, there will be two bridges. Our management, which envisages this, together with our technical friends, made it there and opened it to service. When our boulevards are connected to each other, our city will go to more beautiful places. These things happen with work, if we love our country we will work hard and produce. When everyone is doing the best they can, this city will be developed by hand. The owner of these projects are staff, handshake. Sanliurfa companies in front of the surface of the rural road in front of the bridge is now doing crossroads and giant projects. That's because we used our own resources. If we love this city, we have to value our own children to our own values.


President Nihat Ciftci said, geç We didn't get to express ourselves from working. 20 We have been interested in basic issues such as drinking water, bridge junction, asphalt roads that you want to interfere with the history as the people's hope. We have finished all of them as lovers of the city, and some of them are currently under construction. With the permission of Allah they will be finished in the future and will be offered to the service of the Sanliurfa. We have never been lazy, we have acted honestly as hardworking. We believe that the prayer of the Şanlıurfa people is behind us, and we believe that the seeds of this project, which have been taken in the coming days, will appear in our city. Şanlıurfa will be the most beautiful city in the region Şanlı


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