Mustafakemalpaşa Login is now safer

Mustafakemalpasa is now more secure
Mustafakemalpasa is now more secure

Tatkavakli Bridge Interchange at the entrance to Mustafakemalpasa District on the Bursa-Izmir highway was opened with a ceremony. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the infrastructure of the district will renew from the beginning of the project in relation to the European Investment Bank about 350 million TL loan agreement will be signed in the coming days, gave the good news.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the city center and 17 take the projects that will be no longer a problem in the district, while the investments made by the central government provide support especially for the transportation security in the districts.

The location of the Mustafakemalpaşa District, which was connected to the Bursa - İzmir road and the traffic accidents which were frequently fatal and wounded, became completely safe with the Tatkavaklı Interchange which was made by the Regional Directorate of Highways. The intersection bridges were completed in 2016, and construction was interrupted due to court proceedings in expropriations of crossings. After nearly a year 2 expropriation and construction works, the bridge interchange was put into service with a ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the intersection which cost about 13 million TL; Bursa deputies Hakan Çavuşoğlu and Mustafa Esgin Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, MHP Deputy Chairman Mustafa Hidayet Vahapoğlu, Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan, Mustafakemalpaşa Governor Mehmet Zeki Koçberber, Mustafakemalpaşa President Alliance Mayor Candidate Mehmet Kanar, AK Party and MHP district managers and many citizens attended.

“If you have stability there is prosperous life“

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said in a speech he made at the ceremony that a country can only be developed with stability. In recent years, mainly in Bursa, including all the important work done in Turkey voicing President Aktas, "If a developed country, if developed, if it makes stabilize roads and intersections, open industrial zones. It provides employment, exports and a prosperous life in that country. Time of unity and togetherness… We have accomplished important works in recent years. We continue our way in unity and solidarity. ” Congratulating those who contributed to the crossroads, Aktaş also denied those who died in the period before the crossroads.

President Aktas, will renew the infrastructure of the Mustafakemalpasa District from the beginning of the project for the project from the European Investment Bank provided approximately 350 million TL loan agreement in the coming days and will herald the start of the work quickly after the election.

”Our love, we have troubles“

Bursa deputy and Parliamentary Human Rights Commission Chairman Hakan The Çavuşoğlu "The road is civilization," he said, mastery, not grinding, with staff who aspire to be a nation of servants that Turkey is a big distance greater, he said. 15 26 thousand 500 kilometers divided into the road recorded that record Cavusoglu, bölünmüş All roads connecting Bursa with neighboring cities divided road. We've accelerated the high-speed train. Hopefully we will finish in a short time and even extend it to Bandirma. In particular, we have ongoing road investments in the mountain region. The 9.1 mileage is completed. Near the Doğancı dam we will build a 270 meter-long viaduct and three tunnels. If you have trouble, you are serving, if you love this nation, you are serving. Our love, we have troubles, Bizim he said.

16 health investment in 68 years

Bursa deputy Mustafa Esgin reminded that the Tatkavakli Junction is the entrance gate of Mustafakemalpasa. Last 16 Esgin said that they have carried out great services for years, gin We performed all these services with your heart prayers. Bursa Prime Minister would come to open a pedestrian overpass in Old Turkey. Now we have opened the 4 junction between Bursa and Bandırma. Today, we are opening the Tatkavaklı junction. In the last 16 year, we invested in 68 health in Bursa, which is the 16 hospital. We understand the service from politics to the country to the country, Biz he said.

Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan said that the junction opened for service was a project that Mustafakemalpaşa longed for years and thanked those who contributed to the construction of the bridge.

MHP Deputy Chairman Mustafa Hidayet Vahapoglu thanked those who contributed to the construction of the intersection. After the speeches Mustafakemalpaşalılar longing for the traffic junction was opened.

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