We Promote Turkey at Istanbul Airport Museum

museum in Istanbul airport, Turkey tanitacagiz
museum in Istanbul airport, Turkey tanitacagiz

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy shared the details of building a museum at Istanbul Airport, which he explained in NTV live broadcast, with journalists following his visit to Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum.

Minister Ersoy said, Bakan We want to be a museum that tells the whole Anatolia. We will implement it in a very short time. Istanbul has succeeded to bring the passengers we lost transit, museums and other promotional materials using this as we want to promote Turkey, "he said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Turkey and Hisart exhibiting works by a different museum understanding of world history and Diorama Live History Museum, the museum's founder, visited with Nejat Çuhadaroğlu. Minister Ersoy, who visited the museum under the guidance of Çuhadaroğlu, received information on the works.

Minister Ersoy, who made statements to journalists following his visit to the museum, said: alar Obviously, it has met a big need. Turkish war materials from the Ottoman Empire, 1. World War II, 2. It was a huge, interesting and intriguing exhibition in which war materials of World War II and earlier were exhibited. We receive invitations from abroad especially for the Magnificent Century and Ottoman period. This exhibition is also a complement to the exhibition needs abroad. We also met with Nejat Bey, we will do a study to exhibit this exhibition abroad bu.

"Istanbul has succeeded to bring transit passengers we lost we want to promote Turkey"

Answering questions about the protocol signed with IGA on the opening of a museum at Istanbul Airport, Minister Ersoy said, dair We want to be a museum that tells the whole Anatolia. Both IGA's teams, our teams as well as our General Directorate of Promotion will hold several more meetings. We will implement it in a very short time. There will be a museum to be operated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Our goal is to win transit passengers in the first place. Because you know that one out of every 3 tourists arriving in Turkey is input from Istanbul Airport. A number of tourists come to Istanbul and move to another country. That is also using this museum and other promotional materials to passengers in transit we manage to bring the lost to Istanbul We want to promote Turkey. Maybe we tipped their minds and they will receive their next trip to Turkey, we think the holiday program. We believe we will be successful. It is a good opportunity for publicity. Tanıtım

museum in Istanbul airport, Turkey tanitacagiz
museum in Istanbul airport, Turkey tanitacagiz

Minister Ersoy visited the Sinama Museum to be established at Atlas Passage in Beyoğlu and kapsamında Artweeks @ Akaretler kapsamında. Mr. Ersoy, who examined the ongoing works in the building where the passage was in the building for the Cinema Museum and received information from the authorities, stated the following on the restoration work:

Bir We will restore the buildings in our possession to their intended use and ensure that they are used for culture and art. This is our first goal. Bizim

Movie Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Erkan Yilmaz "We are planning to become Turkey's first and perhaps most important museums in this area." he said.

. We will implement this museum within the framework of the concept of living, entertaining and welcoming museum.,

Yilmaz, a joint working area for young filmmakers in the building, an open-air cinema on the terrace floor, exhibition space and the library will take place by expressing the expression, said:

Derece Extremely important materials to shed light on the history of Turkish cinema will be exhibited in this building. Our colleagues from the cinema industry also support us in this regard. Istanbul in Turkey and we shall be giving a gift in this delightful museum concept. "

The works in the Atlas Passage, which were allocated to the Ministry, have been restored in accordance with the fact that the works in the buildings built in the 1870 were brought to light and aimed to contribute to art, culture and tourism.

Minister Ersoy visited Sabiha Kurtulmuş's we Artweeks @ Akaretler a event in which the works of local and foreign artists were exhibited.

Ersoy, who examined the works exhibited with themes such as l Modern ından and ve How Do I Say giler in different buildings, received information about the works of the curators and artists of the exhibitions.

The event also features works such as la Meeting in Common Landscape ”, Doğ The Empire Project“, ”Stairs Art Space“, ”New“, ”ArtSümer Etkinlik and Empire The Nature of Photography Etkinlik. (culture)

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