MMO Bursa Branch's Interview with Rail Systems in Bursa

mmo bursa
mmo bursa

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch of the Active Retirees Commission, the experience of young people told the young colleagues are continuing to talk.

In the talk titled pay Rail Systems in Bursa meslek, Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydın shared his experiences with his colleagues.

Vay Why the rail system, why electric transport ve questions were answered and Aydin, the tram production project and the local tram and subway car production project was told to the participants.

"80 million in Turkey, a common underground - is difficult to produce locally the tram car," said Aydin, "major projects emerge, taking risks," he said. Aydin, Bursa from the past to the present day of the main plans and rail system etudlarini told.

Head of MMO Bursa Branch, Fikri Düşünceli expressed the importance of the programs where the experiences of the colleagues were shared and thanked the Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydın and MMO Bursa Branch Active Pensioners Commission for their contributions.



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