First International Train Passed From Marmaray

marmaray first international train departs
marmaray first international train departs

After Gebze Tube CrossingHalkalı With the introduction of lines, continuous rail transport between Europe and Asia began.

Azerbaijan Train Passes From Marmaray

Special passenger train, which is manufactured by Azerbaijan Railways in Switzerland and planned to be used in passenger transportation between Ankara and Baku in the coming days, 21 entered our country on March March from Kapıkule border crossing.

Private Train, 22 March Friday, during the course of Istanbul after midnight HalkalıAfterwards, he made his way to Ankara by using the suburban line and Marmaray Tube Pass.

On the same day the Private Passenger Train from Ankara (Marşandiz); Kayseri-Sivas-Erzurum-Kars via Tbilisi and the last stop will reach Baku.

Boji Will Continue to Change Without Changing

In the coming days between the start of the Ankara-Baku passenger train carriages are planned to be used for transport, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, considering that the railway lines in different track gauge was specially manufactured.

With the 1.435 mm on the Turkish railway lines and the bogie (wheel-axle) system manufactured in accordance with the 1.520 mm rail opening in Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Private Train will continue its course without waiting at the border.

Uninterrupted rail transport from Beijing to London

Following the Marmaray Bosphorus Tube Crossing and Baku Tbilisi Kars railway lines, Gebze Halkalı With the introduction of suburban lines, unrestricted railway access from east-west and Beijing to London was opened.

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