Kuvay-i Milliye Completed 70 of Multidisciplinary Interchange


Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, made observations at the Kuvay-i Milliye Memorial Floor Junction which was started to be built in the Taurus Mountains in line with the Transportation Master Plan.

Chairman Kocamaz, the 4 double storey junction which he has brought to Mersin, he studied the works on Kuvayı Milliye Anıt Katlı Junction at the Kuvayı Milliye, where the 70 has been completed and got information about the works.

Toroslar district Hüseyin Okan Merzeci - Kuvayi Milliye Street intersection at the intersection of the construction of the main road excavation of the main road excavation was completed on the east-west axis, 19.80 meters long total 130 pieces pre-crusher was placed. While the precast panel assembly of the intersection was completed at the rate of% 80, the retaining wall and the cap ties were completed.

Asphalt and pavement works of the side roads of the Kuvayi Milliye intersection continue. At the intersection where the superstructure works continued, the rainwater line works were completed in 90 level and the 650 meter rain water line was installed.

5 thousand 376 vehicle will pass per hour

In this project, the intersection structure envisaged within the framework of the 2030 Transportation Master Plan will be generally maintained. The connection between the planned level crossroads and Okan Merzeci Boulevard, Kuvayi Milliye Street and Cemetery Street will be provided.

The intersection arms, which connect Okan Merzeci Boulevard to the roundabouts, were designed as two lanes, aiming to increase the storage space in the lights and to give priority to the vehicles that will make a right turn according to the light situation. With the return arms planned in both directions, the vehicles that will make a return will not wait in the light, so the traffic density will be reduced in the hub of the intersection.

Since the two-way operation of Mezarlık Street poses a danger to traffic safety, this road has been designed to be unidirectional in a way that connects only to those leaving from the hub of the junction and from the north to Kuvayi Milliye Street.

At the junction where the 5376 vehicles will be crossed per hour, there will be transit-output transit in the east-west direction and signaling in the north-south direction. According to the Master Plan of Transportation, the dive and exit length of this project will be 450 meters.

Kuvay i Solidarity
Kuvay i Solidarity

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