352 Project with Total Value of 4 Million in TRNC

total cost of the project will be million TL
total cost of the project will be million TL

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, the transport sector will continue to support the financing of the TRNC, ı 2019 352 million pounds as of year 4 project is planning to implement the project. Ulaştırma He said.

Minister Turhan, TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transport Tolga Atakan and the delegation met with him.

In his statement before the meeting, Minister Turhan stated that decisive stance and support will continue for a just and sustainable solution to the Cyprus issue. Turhan said, le The desired results have not been taken from the negotiation processes carried out for many years due to the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side who insisted on establishing a new partnership on the basis of political equality. You are the co-owner of this beautiful island. As a minority in the Greek Cypriot state, it will never be possible for us to tolerate this as a motherland and a guarantor if it is unacceptable for you to go. Iy

During the meeting, Turhan stated that they will discuss the joint projects in detail, and explained that the 1988-2018 181 mile-split road and 421-kilometer single road between 602-XNUMX and XNUMX are opened to the main road with a bituminous hot mix coated with a bituminous bitumen.

During this period, completed way of designing and supplied by Turkey to study financing amount of Turhan voicing 1,4 billion pounds with current figures, "the total cost of the project by the year 2019 the 352 million pounds 4 project we are planning to implement." He said.

Turhan, 2020'a 68 kilometers divided road, 14 mile pavilion by making the 274 million pounds investment planning by specifying the target, the ports, airfield construction will also be discussed.

Stating that there are joint projects in the field of communication, Turhan stated that the physical realization in the joint TRNC e-Government Project is 62 and the cash realization is 49.

Turhan pointed out that the transportation will continue to support the TRNC in terms of the sub-sectors and said hey We will consider what we can do in the future to improve our cooperation with my esteemed colleague and TRNC delegation. U

“There are two important projects that we care about this year“

TRNC Public Works and Transport Minister Tolga Atakan, was in serious stating that the TRNC's cooperation with Turkey, TRNC's infrastructure, in which serious change and transformation in terms of transport and communications can not be denied that the contributions of this period show of Turkey said that size.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "whatever is in Turkey, the TRNC will be also." Reminiscent of the promise Atakan, thanked all of the facilities to be shared with Cyprus so.

Atakan stated that there are two important projects they gave importance this year, the first of these ports are reported. Atakan stated that a public-private partnership project was carried out in the ports of Girne and Famagusta in a serious change and transformation, and noted that the project has reached its final stage.

Atakan, in a way that contrasts with the developments in the world in the telecom infrastructure in the context of the public-private partnership within the framework of this year will be a serious change in the context of the Atakan, these two main issues and other points in the TRNC thanked for the close attention to the demonstrations.

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